“A Man’s Game” launched and available

"A Man's Game" launched and available


Despite some terrible weather, many of Alan Ness’ friends joined Ringwood to launch the author’s debut novel, ‘A Man’s Game’.

After giving his audience a warm welcome, Alan explained the process of writing a book and getting published, but also delighted the crowd with a couple of readings from his fantastic book. The author admitted never having sworn so much in his life and was relieved his dad was not there to witness it!

The floor was then open to questions, and the audience was interested in knowing in what genre fit the book and if non-football fans would enjoy it. Alan Ness was quick to answer that the book appeals to a large audience, simply because it addresses wider issues in Scottish society, such as misogyny and homophobia, and features numerous characters without ties to football. The book itself has been defined as “impossible to categorise” by Ringwood’s Managing Director Sandy Jamieson, but “an exceptional story and an absolute must-read”.

‘A Man’s Game’ is available to order from the Ringwood website and Amazon. A Kindle version is also available on Amazon. 

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