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Good Deed is a fast paced crime novel that captures the reader from beginning to end.

Described by one reviewer as “Christopher Brookmyre on speed, with more thrills and less farce”, the gripping story of Good Deed rattles along relentlessly, leaving the reader breathless but enthralled. Good Deed introduces a new Scottish detective hero, DI Ronnie Buchanan, who is certain to quickly attract a legion of fans.

The events crammed into Good Deed take Buchanan from his base in Aberdeen on a frantic journey around all the major Scottish cities as his increasingly deadly pursuit of a mysterious criminal master mind known only as Vince comes to a breath-taking climax back in Aberdeen.

The pace of Good Deed is exceptional and unremitting. It is the kind of book that demands to be read in one sitting, but most readers will be so breathless as the saga unfolds without pause that they will need occasional rests before eagerly returning for more.

Cold Shot is the second in a Scottish detective series, following the career of Detective Inspector Ronnie Buchanan as he uncovers the secrets and stories behind gruesome homicides in Scotland. This book, set in and around present day Aberdeen, is a fast paced roar through a twisting and dramatic serial murder plot that constantly challenges the reader’s perception of hero and villain. Cold Shot explores drug use, corruption, conspiracy, family bonds, degeneration of health and meticulously planned revenge.

Who Stole Sitting Bull? by Alex Gordon

9781901515599‘Who Stole Sitting Bull?’ is set on the Isle of Cumbrae. The ‘Sitting Bull’ character is a Scottish boxer who keeps getting knocked over, hence the nickname. Somewhere along the line – and this can only happen in fiction – he gets a shot at a world title and goes to Crete to acclimatise and prepare for the fight at Madison Square Garden in New York. He is mistakenly kidnapped on the Greek island and that’s when the fun and games begin.


Everwinding Times by Mary McCabe

9781901514551vvvsAilee Lorimer suffers strange afflictions. Her memory loss, her sense of dislocation, her feyness – all lead her to seek medical help. Yet she appears to cut to the core of all life before her, now and in the future.

In this gripping, intriguing and funny novel, Mary McCabe winds the plot of individual lives through the times we live in.

Stirring the Dust, by Mary McCabe

indexExtraordinary things unfold in Stirring the Dust. A corpse left unburied for fear of infection; a paranormal great-great aunt; bigamous and incestuous marriages; a runaway wife and her gypsy rover. Dramatic episodes in the past are linked with the present. A sense of something missing in events now has its echo in the rich cast of characters standing behind down the generations. Mary McCabe should know the cast in this drama. They are the author’s own family. Her mother’s side (the Gardens) were artisans from Banffshire. Her father’s lineage (the Morrows) came to the Central Belt of Scotland from Argyll at the time of Highland Clearances and worked in ironstone mining for three generations until the early twentieth century.

NEW!!! Two Closes and a Referendum

two closes PRINTTwo Closes and a Referendum is an engaging tale of ordinary people in an extraordinary time. This novel brilliantly captures the growing excitement and fervour of the 2014 Independence Referendum that changed Scotland for ever, as ordinary citizens  explored their identity and wrestled with the  hopes and fears that surrounded the choice they were asked to make.

The novel has already earned serious praise from eminent Scots critics like Billy Kay, Linda Fabiani and Elspeth King.

See Mary talking at the recent SNP conference here

A signed First Edition of this book can be ordered now from this website. It costs £9.99 +p&p and can be paid for by credit card card or paypal

For more information and to buy the book go to:  Two Closes and a Referendum by Mary McCabe

Two Closes and a Referendum by Mary McCabe

two closes PRINT

Two Closes and a Referendum is an engaging tale of ordinary people in an extraordinary time. This novel brilliantly captures the growing excitement and fervour of the 2014 Independence Referendum that changed Scotland for ever, as ordinary citizens  explored their identity and wrestled with the  hopes and fears that surrounded the choice they were asked to make.

The novel has already earned serious praise from eminent Scots critics.

In the words of Billy Kay the well-respected author of  Scots: The Mither Tongue

“Mary McCabe’s previous work Stirring the Dust was a linguistic tour de force which celebrated the rich diversity of the Scots language from Banffshire to the Banks of Clyde. Here with Two Closes and a Referendum, once again she demonstrates  an acute  ear for dialogue, and a lug tuned perfectly to the speech of Glasgow in the 21st century wi gleg observations on a wheen Glesga fowk.

This novel is a poignant recollection of a dramatic year in her city’s history –  one which united and divided its people – the year of the Scottish Referendum of 2014. There are love affairs lost and found, tensions between people and dilemmas within people played out against the compelling narrative of a populace desperately wanting hope to triumph over fear.

The author has a lifetime of political activism to draw from and conveys this in a series of linked cameos and vignettes of people who embody those hopes, fears, loves and hates in a city confronting momentous change. We ken whit side the author wis on, but that disnae stop her embracing the great humanity of the multitude of kenspeckle characters inhabiting her city.”

Linda Fabiani former Minster of Culture in the Scottish Government stated

“I enjoy Mary McCabe’s writing – so glad that the follow up to ‘Stirring the Dust’ covers such an important Scottish experience. Mary’s characters talk the way me and my friends do, invoking memories and emotions. Our independence referendum brought passion, joy and heartache: Mary McCabe tells that story.”

Elspeth King Director, Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum commented

Mary McCabe’s Two Closes and a Referendum summons up the magic and pace of the political contest in 2014. If you enjoyed the fight, or even if you missed it, this is the book for you.”

Mary McCabe is already the  author of two published books. Everwinding Times,  a novel about people, is still as relevant and insightful today as when it was first published. Stirring the Dust, a family biography, received much critical praise when first published in 2012, including from James Robertson, Janet Paisley and Margaret Elphinstone. It is no coincidence that both Billy Kay and Linda Fabiani (see above) both referred to their excitement that the author of Stirring  the Dust has produced another book.

Both Everwinding Times and Stirring the Dust are now available from Ringwood Publishing

Two Closes and a Referendum was published at the end of September 2017. It is now available for direct order with immediate dispatch.

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Title: Two Closes and a Referendum
Author: Mary McCabe
ISBN: 9781901514483
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99


Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia

2017-03-07 final cover french styleRingwood is proud to present its new upcoming novel Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia by Gerard Graham.

Set in a near, quixotic future, the novel takes the reader through life’s ups, downs and (literal) blasts. It inspects the controversial matter of assisted dying from all sides and illuminates its sombreness.

Newly-converted Rab Lennon takes his Scottish underlings of the Catholic United Network for the Transgression of Sins on a journey from deep-fried Glasgow to alien Villadedino – the only country worldwide where euthanasia is legal. There, we encounter a variety of characters and a voyage of discovery of the human’s versatility and volatility begins.

Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia is deeply satirical and not for the faint-hearted. But see for yourself and order now!

Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia by Gerard Graham

2017-03-07 final cover french style

Assisted dying is one of the key ethical and political issues of our day.

Checking out of the Hotel Euthanasia is  a novel that tackles the dilemmas head-on with a rare mixture of scabrous enthusiasm and due respect. The book is guaranteed to offend many;  to help many come to a considered view of the complex issues involved around the topic; and to amuse as well as instruct many by the satirical approach used to engage with the topic. But one thing Ringwood can guarantee is that this amazing novel will leave no-one indifferent.

Euthanasia– whether you’re for or against assisted suicide, Gerard Graham welcomes you through the splendid doors of Hotel Euthanasia for a life changing stay. We just can’t promise you won’t die of laughter before it’s time to leave.

Graham takes us 21 years into the future to tell the bizarre tales of the guests that come for the most luxurious death that money can buy, 100% personalised to the customer’s self indulgent desires– however weird those may be.

Graham’s satirical comedy has been skilfully written, following Rab Lennon and his Glasgow cronies on their adventure to blow up Hotel Euthanasia in revenge for the assisted killing of his parents. However, along the way we find ourselves tripping over deep-rooted views, bumping into uneasy feelings and finding ourselves lost along the winding path of reality. You may just find yourself turning down an unexpected route.

The effective juxtaposition of humour and death, which seems to flow so easily from Graham’s creative mind, not only creates controversy, but catapults the reader into thoughts about the sanctity of life and freedom of choice. Graham neither argues for, nor against, but simply lays it all out bare — the ridiculousness, the sadness, the motives and the defeat, all felt by his characters. “With choice and free will the only thing you can be sure of is uncertainty.”

In the words of one pre-publication review

Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia is an always funny, often farcical, sometimes scabrous take on a serious subject, assisted dying. Swiftian in style, approach, and content, it relentlessly assaults the hypocrisies and muddled arguments around both sides of the euthanasia debate with a challenging combination of dispassionate calm and outrageous humour. It will offend many, amuse even more, and leave no-one untouched. It is a major contribution to the political and ethical debate already underway about the best response to a growing clamour for the legal right to end one’s life on one’s own terms.”

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Title: Checking Out the Hotel Euthanasia
Author: Gerard Graham
ISBN: 9781901514407
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99

In the Devil’s Name by Dave Watson


Some of the locals in the small Scottish village of Ballantrae still tell tales about haunted Bennane Head, the cliffs just up the coast where mythical mass murderer and cannibal Sawney Beane is said to have dwelt with his inbred family during the seventeenth century. Never walk past there at night, they say, or heaven help you. Just a ghost story to give the tourists a thrill.

Phil, Griff, Sam and Cairnsey are local boys who enjoy a smoke, a beer and the occasional tab of mind bending acid, and celebrating the end of high school with some trips and a night’s camping at Bennane Head sounds like a high old time. But when their drug fuelled revelry  descends into a nightmarish fight for their sanity and survival, those who make it through the night will know that know that true evil never forgets unpaid debts.

‘The Christopher Brookmyre of horror. Readers will be very, very afraid’ – Louise Welsh, author of The Cutting Room

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Title: In the Devil’s Name
Author: Dave Watson
ISBN: 9871901514377
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99
Publication: August 2016

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