“Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu” now launched and widely available

"Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu" now launched and widely available

“Everyone has a book in them” – the statement that Alex Gordon left with his audience at his book launch last Thursday. It was a dreich night in Glasgow to say the least, but the weather didn’t stop Alex’s many supporters from turning up to The Iron Horse Pub to drink wine, eat sausage rolls, and – most importantly – to listen to some fantastic readings from Alex’s new book, “Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu”.

The former sports journalist welcomed the crowd, and thanked them all for braving the weather to make an appearance at his book launch. Alex then proceeded to read out one of his favourite passages in the book, followed by a reading from his brother-in-law, Greig Perrers. Both extracts involved hilarious anecdotes about some of the incidents that occurred behind the scenes. In other words, Alex tells us what really happened.

Ringwood is proud to have published this fantastic book, which takes the reader through the realities and hilarities of working in the world of Scottish tabloids. All in all, the evening was a great success, and well worth venturing out into the rain for. Not everyone agreed with Alex’s theory that we all have a book in us, though. Some crowd members challenged the idea, politely correcting Alex by saying we all have a story, but not everyone has the ability to put it into words. Condensing years of journalism experience into a few hundred pages is no small feat, but  it is safe to say that Alex has succeeded in the extraordinary task of entertaining his readers from start to finish with his hilarious, often shocking, version of events.

“Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu” is available to buy from our website, Amazon and your local Waterstones bookshop. The e-book is also available on Kindle and Kobo. 

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