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Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

We are excited to announce Ringwood’s next event for 2016. Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction will be an enjoyable evening of rational discussion and friendly argument, where we’ll sink our collective teeth into all aspects of Scottish football, and its complex relationship with Scottish culture and society. Initial short talks by three Ringwood authors (Alex Gordon, Alan  Ness and Sandy Jamieson) will be followed by a Q&A session and then open discussion.


Three speakers, three themes:


Football has always accounted for a significant proportion of Scottish media output. Scurillous stories, true tales and an insight into the integrity of the Scottish football press will be provided by Alex Gordon (Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu), drawing on his 40+ years reporting on Scottish football.


Football is a central cultural preoccupation for many Scots, yet this reality is rarely if ever reflected in Scottish literature. An exploration of the difficulties around creating a Scottish literature that accurately reflects the national obsession will be provided by Alan Ness (A Man’s Game).


For the past century, Scottish football has been riven by a sour sectarianism that has demeaned the impact of the game on Scottish culture and society. The events of the last few years now offer Scotland an opportunity to move forward to a culture of healthy rivalry. With Rangers set to return to the top level of Scottish football, Sandy Jamieson (Own Goal, The Great Escape?, A Subtle Sadness) will spell out the choice of alternatives Scottish football now faces.


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