Ringwood are incredibly excited to announce that from the author of The Herbal Detective and Everyday Magic now comes The Time Between Space—a complex narrative exploring a multitude of significant themes, including childhood trauma, mental health, false memory and the relevance of astrophysics to human life. The book will be published in June this year, but is available for pre-order by clicking here!

The Time Between Space features Emma Maria Rossini, a young woman who appears to have everything: the daughter of a famous film actor, she grows up in a huge mansion in one of Edinburgh’s most wealthy suburbs, surrounded by expensive sports cars, marble floors, their private tennis court, real Picasso prints framed on the walls, holiday villas in the south of France, and windows overlooking the beaches of the West Bay. Emma’s mother is beautiful and affectionate, and her father’s on-screen colleagues—most A-list celebrities of Hollywood—come and go like waves in the Rossini residence. 

When a sudden tragedy strikes, Emma’s seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart. She experiences a rapid decline in her mental health and begins to see unforgiving faces in the clouds. Before she knows it, the sky itself is chasing her. Coincidentally, Emma is also the granddaughter of an eccentric and obscure Italian astrophysicist. As she begins to find solace in her grandfather’s Theorem on the universe, Emma realises that her childhood might not have been as perfect as she first remembered.

The official launch of The Time Between Space will be an in-person event in Edinburgh on June 29th. Find out more about this on our Events page here.