A Bookworm’s Guide to Scotland: Spot of the Week

A Bookworm’s Guide to Scotland: Spot of the Week

One of the many terrific things about books is that you can read them virtually anywhere: under the sheets, in the bath, while flying, on a rollercoaster—well, maybe not that last one, especially if it goes upside down. A good read is a must, however, when you’re out exploring and you find a treasure of a spot to take five and relax. 

 And on the subject of treasure, we have just the place for you – The Darn Walk. This scenic riverside route runs between Bridge of Allan and Dunblane. No matter which end you walk from, you will, in time, discover a small cave. It is here that Robert Louis Stevenson, who went on holiday to Bridge of Allan as a boy, was said to have conceived the idea for Treasure Island. 

 The spot is also commemorated with a beautifully carved bench, complete with a parrot, chest, and skull & crossbones! 

 Why not add to the thrill of exploration with one of our own Ringwood titles, such as the chilling horror taleIn the Devil’s Nameor historic murder-mystery, Torn Edges? 


Image and article by Kevin Mcgowan (Instagram: @k.mcgowan_91)

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