By Jack Cassidy

Ringwood are happy to announce that the long-awaited follow-up to Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu by Alex Gordon is reaching the final stages of the publication process and is now available for pre-order here.

Alex Gordon spent decades in the Scottish Newspaper industry as a prolific sports editor and sub-editor, working through some of the most iconic eras of Scottish football. A Raccoon Stole My Thunder is his brand-new collection of the most wild and interesting situations and characters of his extensive career; featuring insider accounts of celebrity encounters, behind-the-scenes sporting scandals, and stories of some of Scottish football’s most legendary figures that provide a rare view of the characters you thought you knew from a man who really did know them. A Raccoon Stole My Thunder is a deftly written collection of funny, fascinating and sincere insights into the people and places that make up the madcap world of Scottish football and sports journalism and is an absolute must-read for any football fan.

Keep an eye out for a future Ringwood blog post with further details of the official launch of this great new title, likely to be held in late November at Waxy O’Connor’s.