Ringwood Publishing Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Acts and registered in Scotland with company number SC482600.

Ringwood  has a board of seven directors and is owned by 15 shareholders.


Chief Executive Officer Sandy Jamieson, OBE: Previously Assistant Director (Children and Families) with Strathclyde Regional Council, then Chief Executive with Includem. He is also an author of six books.

Chief Administrative Officer Isobel Freeman: After gaining a PhD in social sciences, Isobel had a successful career as a Senior Manager in Research, Information and Service in Scottish Social Work, before becoming a Consultant with a major Social Services IT provider. She has many years experience of editing both non-fiction and fiction material and served Ringwood for many years as Chief Editor.

Managing Director  This post is temporarily vacant and is currently advertised as available.     The responsibilities are currently being shared by three Assistant Managing Directors acting up in the role.

Acting Managing Director George Alexander: George has a MA Hons degree in Literary Studies and a BA Hons degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. He has just finished a Master of Literature and Publishing Studies from Stirling University.

Acting Managing Director: Katie McCune Katie has MA(hons) in English Literature and  has just completed an MLitt Publishing Studies from Stirling University

Assistant Managing Director (Social Media Marketing) Sara Roberts Sara has an MA (hons) in History and an MLitt in Publishing Studies from Stirling University. 

Operations Manager Dave Webster: After an active career in public utilities and local government, Dave took early retirement to focus on his interests of hill walking, geology, and volunteering. His responsibilities include the Ringwood E-Book division.

Submissions Manager Kevin McGowan: Kevin is a published short story writer and holds an MLitt in Creative Writing. He has been with Ringwood since March 2019.

 Cover Designer  Nicola Campbell: Nicola has a BA(hons) degree in Digital Design  from the University of the West of Scotland

 Board of Directors

Lynsey Smith, chair

Isobel Freeman

Sandy Jamieson

Jo Kelly

Margaret McInnes

Marie-Claire Jones

John Donnelly


Ringwood has taken on a number of interns who contribute considerable skills like Reading, Proofreading, Editing, Copyediting, Design, Promotion and Marketing in order to gain valuable experience of the publishing industry.

Our current interns include: Ruth Mcqueeney, Fine Mayer (marketing manager), Lola Gaztanaga, Sian McCluskey, Megan Willis, Daly Naughton, Chloe Murphey, Rowan Groat, Mia Attwooll, Martin Jamieson, Sarah (Boony) Boon, Lyndsey Murphy, Eimear McCaul, Emma Jokenin, Eilidh Harrower, Kirsty Miller, Beth Whitelaw and Maria Oliver-Smith. 

Anyone considering becoming an intern with Ringwood should consult the separate Interns Page on this website, and if still interested in such a position, send a CV, details of relevant experience, and availability to mail@ringwoodpublishing.com

Regrettably, internships with Ringwood Publishing are unpaid.