An Exceptional Opportunity

Ringwood Publishing is offering the opportunity to gain comprehensive management experience in publishing, as the gateway to obtaining a permanent full-time career in the industry.

The successful applicant/s will be given responsibility across the whole range of publishing activity covering  overviewing new manuscript selection; editing; proof-reading; copy editing; project management; distributing, launching, promoting and marketing of new and existing publications; and support and supervision of Intern staff.

The opportunity is to fill the post of Managing Director for a fixed term period (between 6 and 12 months preferably) on an Intern basis, with mentoring, support and supervision being provided by the Chief Executive and the Finance Officer.

It may be possible to fill the post on a job-share basis and it is hoped that successful applicant/s will be in post no later than 1st September 2017.

Applicants should, preferably, have some publishing experience, at least as an Intern, but commitment to the role is the main criteria.

Anyone interested in learning more about this exceptional opportunity and in being considered for it, should contact Ringwood Publishing through the email address to arrange to receive further information.  Applicants should attach a CV and a statement in support of their application and a meeting with Isobel Freeman and Sandy Jamieson will be arranged within a short timescale to progress the application further.

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