Ringwood April 2023 Newsletter

Dearest Ringwood Readers,

This month we have two very exciting upcoming releases to share with you all, as well as an excerpt and cover reveal for one of our May launches.

To add to the excitement, we are finally introducing you all to our very own podcast!

But first…

Upcoming Events

Glasgow Life – Publishing Experts Panel.

Thursday, 25th of May – This event will take place at 4:30 PM, in Mitchell Library.

On the culmination of their creative writing day, Ringwood CEO Simon McLean will be a member of a panel of publishing experts that will be on hand to answer all questions publishing related.

To book a ticket & find out more information about the event, click here!

Upcoming Launches

Brendan McLaughlin’s The First of May.

Monday, 1st of May – This event will take place at 6:30 PM, in the Clutha Vaults.

‘Rooted deeply in Glasgow’s rich culture, The First of May branches into myriad topics that cast a harrowing shadow upon contemporary life. A powerful memoir that is irrevocably certain to sow seeds of riveting discussion about coming of age, socialism, and the importance of the arts, politics, and people.’

As well as celebrating the launch of Brendan’s book, it will also be a celebration of his life and his music. Admission will be free and it will be open to all.

Pre-order Brendan’s book here!

And keep up to date with information on the event here.

Carol Margaret Davison’s Bodysnatcher.

Friday, 28th of May – This event will take place at 2 PM, in Hillhead Library.

‘Told by way of alternating confessions, Bodysnatcher is both a graphic depiction of one of Edinburgh’s most notorious crimes and a domestic story of a relationship unraveled by secrecy and violence. This novel dives deep into the twisted psychology of William Burke, giving the reader an inside look at a mind descending into madness.’

Read on to find out more information about this launch, a cover reveal, and how to pre-order your own copy before the event!

Publishing Scotland & Audiobooks:
Tom Wood’s Ruxton: The First Modern Murder.
By Hayley Bannon.

     On Wednesday 5th April, Ringwood CEO Simon McLean, interns Hayley and Shannon, and author Tom Wood visited the Publishing Scotland offices in Edinburgh. The trip was to meet Vikki Reilly at Publishing Scotland, Iain McKinna from Offbeat Studios, and narrator Steve Worsley — the people who funded, performed, and produced Ringwood’s first upcoming audiobook Tom Wood’s Ruxton: The First Modern Murder.

Shannon Genereau, Simon McLean, Tom Wood,
Steve Worsley, Hayley Bannon & Iain McKinna.

   In November 2022, Publishing Scotland announced that they would be offering the opportunity for five independent publishers in Scotland to have a fully-funded audiobook from a title of their choice. Ringwood put forward Tom Wood’s Ruxton: The First Modern Murder as the title because it has been a bestseller for two years running and true crime, was among the top most-listened-to audiobook genres.

Author Tom Wood, Vikki Reilly,
Steve Worsley & Iain McKinna.

Over the Christmas period and into the new year, a team of interns worked hard to put together the required marketing plan for the funding, and in February found out they were successful in obtaining one of the five grants given to produce Ruxton as an audiobook. 

   Publishing Scotland’s Vikki Reilly and a team of external judges chose Ruxton among other hopefuls. When asked why she chose Ruxton and as a result Ringwood, she said: ‘First of all the genre true crime always does really well and secondly, you put together a really great supporting document.’

Click here to read the full blog post!

Ringwood wants to congratulate our interns for all their hard work in helping make this project a success, and we look forward to more exciting audiobook projects to come!

Ruxton: The First Modern Murder is available here.

Our Upcoming Releases

By Jade McKeogh & Robyn Drain.

While we gear up for our May launches, we would also like to announce two new books that Ringwood will be publishing this year!

The Hotel Hokusai by T.Y. Garner will be launched later this year! The release will happen close to Japanese Culture Day, so we look forward to celebrating with you all! Stay tuned to find out more information about this book and its launch in the coming months!

For now, the blurb is available to read below!

The year is 1893. Yokohama, a melting pot of international influence and opportunity, is Japan’s portal to the world. In this culturally rich location, a tale of battered eels, loneliness, desire, artistic vision, and death begins to unfold. When a young woman is found drowned in Yokohama harbour under suspicious circumstances, downtrodden Korean eel salesboy Han compels the eccentric Glaswegian artist Archie Nith to seek the truth, though it requires of them more than just naïve integrity to paint a picture of what actually happened. Written from the perspectives of both Han and Nith, The Hotel Hokusai follows their journeys as they revel in the sublime mundanity of life in Yokohama’s quarter.

The Time Between Space by Charlie Laidlaw will be Ringwood’s first EBook-only launch, paving the way for the release of our EBook catalogue.

This upcoming launch will be taking place in June! Keep an eye on our social media for more information on the date and venue of this launch!

Edinburgh author Charlie has published four novels with strong local connections, collectively forming an East Lothian Quartet! Each of his books balances poignancy with humour, and The Time Between Space is no exception to this.

Read the blurb below!

Emma Maria Rossini appears to be the luckiest girl in the world. She’s the daughter of a beautiful and loving mother, and her father is one of the most famous film actors of his generation. She’s also the granddaughter of an eccentric and obscure Italian astrophysicist. As her seemingly charmed life begins to unravel, and Emma experiences love, tragedy, and declining mental health, she ultimately finds solace in her once-derided grandfather’s Theorem on the universe.

Keep an eye on the Forthcoming Titles page of our website, our social media, and our newsletter for more information on all upcoming releases!

Reprint Launch: There’s A Problem With Dad by Carlos Alba.

By Hayley Bannon.

Reprint Launch at Hillhead Library, Glasgow.

   To celebrate the reprint of Ringwood author Carlos Alba’s 2021 novel There’s A Problem With Dad, a launch event took place on Sunday the 23rd of April at Hillhead Library. The event was organised and hosted by intern Hayley Bannon and moderated by Marketing Manager Shannon Genereau and assisting interns Robyn, Megan, and Beth. With a full house and extra chairs required, the turnout for the event was a great success.

Interns Shannon Genereau, Robyn Drain, Beth Avery & Hayley Bannon.   

As the book focuses on George Lovelace’s undiagnosed Aspergers and subsequent decline in mental health when he is accused of a sexual assault, two representatives from men’s mental health charity ANDY’SMANCLUB were there to support and speak at the event. Club leader David discussed the origins of the charity which was started by the mother and brother-in-law of Andrew Roberts, a 23-year-old who tragically took his own life in 2016. As suicide is one of the biggest killers of men under 50, they are working to destigmatise men’s mental health by hosting groups in 123 locations across the UK in an informal environment where there is no pressure to talk, the men can just listen. Club member Neil shared his story surrounding mental health and how accessibility to the club saved his life.

Author Carlos Alba with ANDY’SMANCLUB.

   Ringwood was asked to say a few words on behalf of Glasgow Golden Generation; who were unable to make it to the event but left leaflets detailing their seventy-five-year history tackling loneliness in the elderly with day centres, social clubs, and befriending services. They often work with people like George who have undiagnosed conditions.

Author Carlos Alba.

Carlos then read two extracts from There’s A Problem with Dad, describing George’s difficulty navigating in a neurotypical world, being confused by ambiguous expressions, inappropriate conversation, and being a stickler for time-keeping. It was followed by a Q&A in which Carlos discussed his own experience by witnessing atypical traits and behaviours in his father-in-law, who only came to terms with his Aspergers diagnosis shortly before his death. This prompted further discussion from the audience about the need for earlier diagnosis and the relief that came from Carlos’ family that there was a name for what their father and grandfather were experiencing.

Interns Shannon Genereau & Hayley Bannon with author Carlos Alba.

   The event was rounded off by Ringwood CEO Simon McLean saying a few words about upcoming events including the launches of The First of May on May 1st at the Clutha Vaults and Bodysnatcher on May 28th, also at Hillhead Library.

There’s A Problem With Dad is available to purchase here.

Thank you to everyone who came. We hope to see you all again soon!

If you want to read more about the charities involved click on their names below:

ANDY’SMANCLUBGlasgow’s Golden Generation

Introducing: The Ringwood Publishing Podcast!

By Rosie Watts.

   We are very excited to announce the establishment of ‘The Ringwood Publishing Podcast’.  We will be inviting staff, authors, and guest speakers on board, to discuss all things books, publishing, and passions on a weekly basis.

You can listen to our first episode on Buzzsprout OR on Spotify!

   For our launch of The Ringwood Publishing Podcast, we are delighted to welcome award-winning journalist and author Carlos Alba, writer of There’s a Problem with Dad. In this episode, Carlos briefly introduces his writing process and the inspiration behind his novel. If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work of Carlos, you can find out more information here.

   Like what you hear? Check out Carlos’ novel, by adding this moving, insightful novel to your basket here.

Make sure you are following and/or subscribing to our podcast, so you can keep up date with our future episodes!

Launch, Cover Reveal & an Excerpt:

Bodysnatcher by Carol Margaret Davison.

By the Bodysnatcher marketing team.

   It is almost May – and almost time for the launch of Bodysnatcher! There are lots of exciting things brewing, but here is one we can reveal with pride: the cover of Carol Margaret Davison’s debut novel. As we all know, hands can tell no lies, yet William Burke’s are hiding all sorts of things…

   Bodysnatcher is now available to preorder here at a discounted price of £9.99 – but not for long! You can also book your place at the launch event here, held at Glasgow’s Hillhead Library at 2pm on May 28th, where you can get your copy signed by the author! Places are limited, so make sure you book in advance.

   We are also delighted to announce Ringwood has established a partnership with Glasgow Women’s Aid and Carol Margaret Davison will be donating a portion of her royalties from Bodysnatcher to the organisation. It is important to recognise that the issues in Bodysnatcher are something many women face daily and we hope to aid GWA in spreading awareness of the organisation offering help to women facing domestic abuse.

“It is my ardent prayer that all victims of domestic and sexual abuse may find the fortitude, necessary supports, and solace to carry on with their lives, one small baby step at a time.”

Carol Margaret Davison, Bodysnatcher.

Read an excerpt from Bodysnatcher below!

The Scotsman, July 16, 1836:

STRANGE DISCOVERY. About three weeks ago, while a number of boys were amusing themselves in searching for rabbit burrows in the north-east range of Arthur’s Seat, they noticed, in a very rugged and secluded spot, a small opening in one of the rocks, the peculiar appearance of which attracted their attention. The mouth of this little cave was closed by three thin pieces of slatestone, rudely cut at the upper ends into a conical form, and so placed as to protect the interior from the effects of the weather. The boys, having removed these tiny slabs, discovered an aperture about twelve inches square, in which were lodged seventeen Lilliputian coffins, forming two tiers of eight each, and one on a third, just begun! Each of the coffins contained a miniature figure of the human form cut out in wood, the faces, in particular, being pretty well executed. They were dressed from head to foot in cotton clothes, and decently “laid out” with a mimic representation of all the funereal trappings which usually form the last habiliments of the dead.

Read the full excerpt here!

Get to Know Our Interns: Rosie Watts.

Introduction & Questions by: Vicky McCormick & Jade McKeogh.

   In this segment, one of our interns will answer a few questions about their crucial roles within Ringwood. Getting vital experience in publishing can be difficult, which is why Ringwood offers internships to those who wish to break into the publishing world. Interns work across a variety of departments, allowing them to obtain an array of skills that are required to work within the industry.

   This month, let us introduce you to Rosie Watts! Rosie joined Ringwood eight months ago and has worked in an array of exciting roles in the editorial and marketing departments. Currently, she is leading a marketing team for one of our upcoming releases, Bodynsatcher.

Tell us about your background and how you came to Ringwood.

   I have (very – as in – two weeks ago) recently finished studying English Literature at the University of Glasgow, after always having a passion for reading. This love of books lead me to attend the Edinburgh International Book Festival each year and had the pleasure last year to come across Ringwood as one of the Scottish publishers featuring in the 2022 programme. In my research to discover smaller publishing houses based in Scotland, I was thrilled to find out about Ringwood’s internship programme, and here we are, eight months later!

What is your role at Ringwood?

   I’ve had the honour of being given a variety of responsibilities at Ringwood, which has given me experience in the two broad sectors of publishing: marketing and editorial. While I have really enjoyed my tasks in Submissions and proofreading forthcoming titles, my main domain is working within the marketing teams of our upcoming titles: The First of May and Bodysnatcher. I’ve really enjoyed leading the Bodysnatcher marketing team in the lead-up to its launch at the end of May.

What are your favourite genres of books?

   I certainly have a mixed taste in reading – it seems I range from two very opposite ends of the spectrum. While I have loved (slowly) working my way through various classics, and a lot of metafiction, I have a new-found love for memoirs and autofiction of late; I was so drawn in by Haruki Murakami, Lemn Sissay and Maggie O’Farrell’s work.

What do you most enjoy about working in publishing and what are your goals for the future?

   I recently chaired a Q&A event at Hillhead Library, organising the event for a Ringwood author, who I support, Seán Damer. Setting up this event really highlighted to me what I enjoy in the publishing world. I found putting this event together, although challenging at times, incredibly rewarding for myself and the author: having seats filled at an event to help promote a novel and the intensity of planning these events, I’ve discovered, is what I love most in the publishing world. It confirmed to me that I would love to pursue this further in the future in other publishing houses.

What would you like to see more of in the Scottish publishing industry?

   Like all my fellow interns, I would love for there to be more jobs in the industry available at entry-level. It is incredibly difficult to try and get your foot in the door within Scottish publishers with the competition and availability of jobs so high. While the prospect of heading down to London for publishing sounds great, the living costs are just so expensive! Perhaps all the interns struggling to find jobs should just set up their own Scottish publishing house to solve the problem….what could possibly go wrong…?!

Thank you so much for your time, Rosie!

Until next time,

Jade McKeogh (Editor), Megan Gibson & Vicky McCormick (Assistant Editors), and the Ringwood Team!