Ringwood Publishing is very excited to announce the official release of our thrilling new historical crime novel, Cuddies Strip. This fascinating book by Rob McInroy is based on the true crime that rocked Perth in the 1930s; but the tale, which examines the nature and responsiveness of police services and the ingrained misogyny of the whole criminal justice system, feels strikingly contemporary. 

Cuddies Strip tells the harrowing story of two young sweethearts whose lives are changed forever by a lone gunman one evening on the Cuddies Strip, a lovers’ lane on the outskirts of Perth. The book faithfully follows the investigation and subsequent trial as justice is shakily pursued.

Signed copies of Cuddies Strip are now available for purchase, complete with next day dispatch. Discover more about this dark piece of Scotland’s past and the human consequences of such a traumatic event by ordering your copy now from the Fiction page of this website. 

There is also the exciting opportunity to join Ringwood on the 30th September live with Rob McInroy, as we launch the book virtually; the event will include exclusive readings and a live audience Q&A. Free tickets for the event are currently available through Eventbrite, so click here to find out more and grab yours now!

by Megan Willis