Where are the Glasgow Irish? Join us for the launch of Seán Damer’s thrilling new book Those Tyrannising Landlords on the 13th of April at 6:30pm in the Oran-Mor!

Stay for a chat with the passionate mind behind Glasgow’s missing novel and readings from his fascinating book. Bring your own copy and get it signed! Available HERE.

Through an exciting QnA session, have your burning questions answered. With a tenure of over 40 years as a researcher of Glasgow’s urban history, Seán elaborates on the history of the Irish Connection through his novel. Receive answers on the multitude of themes expertly explored in Those Tyrannising Landlords, such as feminism, socialism, politics, atheism and revolution. 

Based on Seán’s own extensive research and rich family history, Those Tyrannising landlords follows the O’Donnell family in their journey from rural Donegal to Industrial Glasgow during a time of tumultuous change. 

Admission is free, bring a friend.

The event will be streamed live on the Ringwood Facebook account where we will also be taking questions for the event. 

Event Details;

Byres Road

Glasgow G12 8QX
13th of April at 6:30 PM

Join us on 27th April at 7pm for our online event, The Power of the Unknown.
The event will be held on Zoom, register for a ticket by clicking here.

We will be delving into three of our popular Ringwood titles:

The Italian Connection by John Keenan, in which the protagonist, a soldier in the Second World War, wakes up in a hospital in the year 2000 in the body of a serial killer.

In the Devil’s Name by Dave Watson, a horror story based on the myth of the mass murderer and cannibal, Sawney Beane.

And Saved from the Fire by Mark Gallacher, an anthology of dystopian short stories addressing themes such as technology and space travel.

These three books give us fresh perspectives on the unknown: whether this relates to spiritualism, mythology, or the future of human society.

Join us to discuss these fascinating themes with the authors and talk about the insights that we can glean from reading these books alongside each other.

The launch of ‘Barossa Street’, the much anticipated sequel to Rob McInroy’s hit novel ‘Cuddies Strip’, is set to take place on 11th May 2022. This launch will feature readings from the author, guest appearances and a Q&A involving the audience at the end. Register for a ticket by clicking here.

So don’t miss out, grab a ticket and get your questions ready as McInroy’s exciting new crime thriller will send a shiver down your spine and keep you guessing until the end! 

Hear from some of the best crime authors Scotland has to offer at Glasgow Crime Writing: By those who know for those who care. Register for a ticket by clicking here.

Taking place on Zoom on May 25th, authors Anne Pettigrew, Leela Soma, Charles P. Sharkey, and A. M. Nicol will be talking all things Scottish crime fiction, and how their specialty knowledge and backgrounds are what give their stories the authenticity that is so important to this genre.

The first book Not the Deaths Imagined tells the story of a GP serial killer. The author of the books Anne Pettigrew herself was a GP, qualifying in Glasgow, and writes from her first-hand experience of the time. Her knowledge of the field and involvement in the crime scene in Scotland makes for a juicy and more realistic representation of how a GP’s knowledge means they can get away with murder.

Murder At the Mela is the second book featured by Scots-Asian Leela Soma. Delving into territory that has previously been underrepresented, Soma writes the story of an Asian detective in Scotland. Fully understanding the complexities and relationships with the wider Scottish community as an Asian woman herself, she accurately depicts the ambiguities, tensions, prejudices, and misunderstandings this community deals within a wider context and explores these important issues throughout her novel.

Clutching at Straws is well-known criminal lawyer Charles P Sharkey’s fourth book with Ringwood. His thirty year long career has given him plenty of inspiration for writing this crime novel set in Glasgow. Dealing with gang culture in the city, which is still prominent today, this book will appeal to and excite all those who enjoy Scottish crime.

Lastly, Liberation by A. M. Nicol tells a story of the trust in police gone wrong in 1950s Glasgow resulting in the murder of a single mother. With the events of 2021 regarding Sarah Everard highlighting just how much this issue is still relevant today, there has never been a more prominent time to discuss it.

We begin on the 8th June with the launch of Brian McHugh’s much anticipated The Practice Field. This event will take place in Sweeney’s Bar in Glasgow.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Brian discuss The Practice Field and answer questions from the audience.

Attendance is free so bring a friend!

A. M. Nicol returns with another novel based on a real case with Sheila Garvie: Mastermind or Victim, which covers the investigation, trial and aftermath of the murder of Maxwell Robert Garvie in 1968. The whole of Scotland was scandalised by this case, but Nicol’s book offers a refreshing perspective on Max’s wife, Sheila, who was not treated kindly by the press or the justice system.

The official launch will be on the 22nd June at 7pm in the Grand Central Hotel, City centre, Glasgow. Sad that you are not in Glasgow and so cannot attend? Not a problem! The event will also be streamed on the Ringwood Publishing Facebook page.

You will not only be able to hear A. M. Nicol speak and a few passages from the book being read, but the Q&A session will also open the floor to the audience and allow everyone to participate in a stimulating discussion encompassing everything from women’s portrayal in crime to the extensive research undertaken by the author and the process of reassessing history. 

Reading the book before the launch will certainly enable readers to theorise and engage with the event in exciting ways, so why not try pre-ordering it? You can do so here by clicking HERE!

The event is completely free and does not require a ticket, so feel free to pop by with a few friends!

This event has been rescheduled as a major, in-person event to take place in Edinburgh in November 2022 in conjunction with BookWeek Scotand. 

At this event we will bring multiple books together in our discussion of Modern Scottish Historical Fiction – It’s contemporary resonances. In doing so, we are bringing together five of our most popular novels: Raise Dragon; What You Call Free; Dark Loch; Cuddies Strip and Barossa Street. Attendees will have the chance to discuss the themes of these novels and their contribution to Modern Scottish Historical Fiction with the authors.

We will also be streaming this event live to our Facebook page.

To conclude our Blooming Ringwood festival, please join us at The Edinburgh Bookstore on the 29th June for the launch of Charlie Laidlaw’s, The Time Between Space. Charlie is also the author of Everyday Magic. Come along for the chance to discuss Charlie’s work with the man himself.