We are pleased to announce the schedule for Ringwood’s second instalment of our Blooming Ringwood festival – The Late Bloomers.

With four new events coming up, this section of the festival will surely be one to remember!

We begin on the 8th June with the launch of Brian McHugh’s much anticipated The Practice Field. This event will take place in Sweeney’s Bar in Glasgow. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Brian discuss The Practice Field and answer questions from the audience. Attendance is free so bring a friend!

On the 22nd June join us at a TBC venue for the launch of A.M. Nicol’s true crime novel, Sheila Garvie – Mastermind or Victim. In a similar fashion to our launch of The Practice Field, we hope to engage audience members in a though-provoking discussion surrounding the book and hear from A.M. Nicol about his experiences with writing and publishing. Attendance is also free.

On the 22nd June we bring multiple books together in our discussion of Modern Scottish Historical Fiction – It’s contemporary resonances. In doing so, we are bringing together five of our most popular novels: Raise Dragon; What You Call Free; Dark Loch; Cuddies Strip and Barossa Street. Attendees will have the chance to discuss the themes of these novels and their contribution to Modern Scottish Historical Fiction with the authors. This event will be free and take place online via Eventbrite. We will also be streaming this live to our Facebook page. This digital event has been rescheduled as a major, in-person event to take place in Edinburgh in November in Conjunction with BookWeek Scotland and will no longer be taking place on the 22nd June. Further details will appear on the website shortly.

To conclude our Blooming Ringwood festival, please join us at The Edinburgh Bookstore on the 29th June for the launch of Charlie Laidlaw’s, The Time Between Space. Charlie is also the author of Everyday Magic. Come along for the chance to discuss Charlie’s work with the man himself. This launch has been postponed and will not take place on the 29th June. The new launch will take place later in the year.