Books & Brews

Books & Brews

Beer and books are both an indulgence, but have you ever tried to combine them? Substitute the compulsory tea with one of our suggested beer to give your reading experience a tasty twist.

The first beer to be suggested is brewed in the former beer capital of Scotland, Alloa, about a one hour drive from Glasgow. The Williams Bros. Brewery interprets the tradition of Heather Ale, a type of brew that has been around since 2000 B. C. in Scotland, in a fresh and modern way with ‘Fraoch’ Heather Ale. The floral-peaty aroma with a spicy herbal finish goes perfectly along with a book full of plottwists, such as The Activist by Alec Connon.

Floral and citrus aromas with a dry crisp finish – This new world pilsner called Helles Glen by the family-run Loch Lomond Brewery in Alexandria is a pleasure to drink. Try it while reading Torn Edges by Brian McHugh, which tells the story of a Glaswegian family discovering their Irish heritage when a mysterious coin is found at a crime scene in the City.

Heidi Weisse is a very special brew, brewed in Glasgow in strict adherence with the German Purity Law of 1516. Combining the style of Bavarian wheat beer with a Glaswegian heart, a banana and clove taste is created. Why not use the unusual brew to ponder about Scottish identity and read A Subtle Sadness by Sandy Jamieson?

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