Carol Margaret Davison is an internationally renowned specialist in Gothic and Victorian literature and the series editor for Anthem Studies in Gothic Literature. Her monographs have been published by Palgrave Macmillan and Manchester University Press. She is the Director of the Sickly Taper website, the world’s largest and most comprehensive website devoted to Gothic bibliography. She is also a Professor of Literature at the University of Windsor (Canada) and the former Head of the Department of English Literature and Creative Writing. 

Carol spent her early years in Harthill, Scotland, before emigrating to Canada with her family in 1966. Her long standing fascination with Scottish working-class history and Gothic literature led to her interest in Burke and Hare. After discovering a second-hand copy of William Roughead’s book about Burke and Hare (1921), which includes the trial transcript, in a Grassmarket bookstore in 2004, and coming across the Arthur’s Seat Dolls in the Scottish National Museum a decade later, Carol began to sketch out her novel. Intertwining a Gothic and historical angle with feminist and working-class perspectives, Carol attempts to capture the invisible, unheard voices of Edinburgh in her first novel, Bodysnatcher.