Inference by Stephanie McDonald

Book Cover Inference“I’m dreaming. I must be. I had a few drinks too many last night, and I’m having a funky dream…I pinch myself on the arm to try and speed the process along, but nothing happens. Without thinking too much about it I aim a punch at the wall, and the resulting pain that reverberates through my hand feels all too real. Am I dreaming?”

Natalie Byron had a happy life in Glasgow. She had a steady job, supportive friends and a loving family. Or at least, she thought she did. The morning after a date, Natalie wakes up inside a strange house, in a strange bed, sleeping next to a man named Jamie who claims he is her boyfriend. Outside the window are rugged cliffs surrounded by endless sea. 

All her things are here. The clothes in the drawer are hers and so are the bottles of shampoo in the bathroom. But this isn’t her life and Jamie certainly isn’t her boyfriend. Fearing she’s been kidnapped, Natalie flees, but not one person on the island will help her. When everyone around her insists that her life in Glasgow is nothing but a delusion, Natalie begins to doubt her own sanity. 

But there is one thing Natalie is sure of. She needs to get off this island. 

Inference is Stephanie McDonald’s second novel, and her first to be published by Ringwood.

Title: Inference
Author: Stephanie McDonald
ISBN: 978-1-901514-68-1
Format: Paperback

Not the Life Imagined by Anne Pettigrew

Cover of Not the Life ImaginedA darkly humorous, thought-provoking story of Scottish medical students in the sixties, a time of changing social and sexual mores. None of the teenagers starting at Glasgow University in 1967 live the life they imagine.

Beth Slater is shocked at how few female medical students there are and that some people, such as Conor Towmey, think they shouldn’t be there at all. Devastated by a close friend’s suicide, Beth uncovers a revealing diary and vows to find the person responsible for her death. Struggling with the pressure of exams while supporting friends though disasters, Beth charts the students’ changing, often stormy, relationships over two decades in a contemporary backdrop of Free Love, the Ibrox Football Disaster, the emergence of HIV and DNA forensics. In time, indiscretions surface with dire consequences for some.

In Not the Life Imagined, retired medic Anne Pettigrew has written a tale of ambition and prejudice laced with sharp observations, irony and powerful perceptions that provide a humorous and compelling insight into the complex dynamics of the NHS fifty years ago. The novel will be launched in January 2019.

“There have been many books written about the world of medicine, but Anne Pettigrew brings a fresh voice and moral authority to the subject. Well-written and lively…” – Author Simon Brett, OBE, FRSL. 2014 CWA Diamond Dagger winner and judge of the Constable Silver Stag Award.

Title: Not the Life Imagined
Author: Anne Pettigrew
ISBN: 978-1-901514-70-4
Format: Paperback

This book can now be ordered from this website for £9.99 plus P&P.

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Recommendation: Brushes With War

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Where the Bridge Lies by Frank Woods

“The Clyde wasn’t just just a stream of water. It was an entity, a being that threaded through the lives of the people who lived here, sometimes giving, sometimes taking away.”

1941. The Clydebank Blitz robs Nessa Glover of her husband and five children. Struggling with her new reality she becomes a shipyard welder, and finds herself drawn into trade union activism. One day she visits Harmony, a commune built on notions of equality and unity, led by the charismatic Fergus Abercrombie. But not everything is quite as it seems at Harmony.

1980. Keir Connor is a traumatised war correspondent. When his father dies, he is left with a letter –a letter that takes him to Clydebank in search of answers. His journey leads him on to Harmony, now Laggandarroch, a residential school for disadvantaged children, as he tries to unlock the past. One thing is sure: Harmony is key.

Where the Bridge Lies is the first novel by Frank Woods, and will be launched early in 2019

It can be pre-ordered from this website for £9.99 plus P&P.

Title: Where the Bridge Lies
Author: Frank Woods
ISBN: 978-1-901514-66-7
Format: Paperback

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