Our Top Three in Glasgow

Our Top Three in Glasgow

Looking for a nice place to enjoy your new Ringwood book? In that case we have some suggestions: Our top 3 places to read Ringwood books in Glasgow! The Hidden Lane Tearoom This beautiful, creative Tearoom literally hides in a tiny lane branching off Argyle Street called “The Hidden Lane.”  The lane is known for …

Sunday Suggestion

Sunday Suggestion

Torn Edges and its sequel Between Two Bridges by Brian McHugh bring the Irish Civil War of 1922 into our times. The McKenna family starts to research their Irish roots when a mysterious gold coin is found at a Glasgow murder scene. They unveil the intriguing story of two ancestors in the troubled times of …

Meet the Author: Mary McCabe

What type of writer are you? My fiction and poetry revolve round topics rather than relationships. Favourite topics are politics, genealogy, time and evolution. With a hint of the paranormal. Fiction is character-led rather than plot-led. Characters (including their dialogue and their surroundings) must ring true and develop. I write in English, Glaswegian and Doric. With a nod …

Until next year!

Until next year!

Two weeks of talking, listening, watching, learning and lots and lots of books! The Edinburgh International Book Festival was as always a phenomenal celebration of books and showed the big impact of books on society and culture, moral and ethics, economy and environment – in short: every section of life. After days of organising and …

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018

The International Book Festival 2018 in Edinburgh takes place from the 11th of August till the 27th, and Ringwood, as usual, is part of it! With hand written recommendations and leaflets to introduce our featured books, it is well worth a visit! As in previous years, a handful of Ringwood books are featured and presented …

Memoirs of Franz Schreiber, by Charles P. Sharkey

The Memoirs of Franz Schreiber gives a unique perspective on the trials and turmoil of life in Germany during the First World War, its aftermath and the lead up to the Second World War. When Franz Schreiber and his mother get the news that his beloved father would not be returning to their home in Berlin from the battle fields of the First World War, their lives changed in unimaginable ways. Following Franz as he grows into a man, the effects of war are endless, and the story of his life is littered with love, tragedy and danger.

A fantastic new novel from Charles P. Sharkey author of Dark Loch and The Volunteer.

The Memoirs of Franz Schreiber can now be ordered from this website for £9.99 plus P&P.

Title: Memoirs of Franz Schreiber
Author: Charles P. Sharkey
ISBN: 9781901514643
Format: Paperback

Who Stole Sitting Bull? by Alex Gordon

9781901515599‘Who Stole Sitting Bull?’ is set on the Isle of Cumbrae. The ‘Sitting Bull’ character is a Scottish boxer who keeps getting knocked over, hence the nickname. Somewhere along the line – and this can only happen in fiction – he gets a shot at a world title and goes to Crete to acclimatise and prepare for the fight at Madison Square Garden in New York. He is mistakenly kidnapped on the Greek island and that’s when the fun and games begin.


Everwinding Times by Mary McCabe

9781901514551vvvsAilee Lorimer suffers strange afflictions. Her memory loss, her sense of dislocation, her feyness – all lead her to seek medical help. Yet she appears to cut to the core of all life before her, now and in the future.

In this gripping, intriguing and funny novel, Mary McCabe winds the plot of individual lives through the times we live in.

Stirring the Dust, by Mary McCabe

indexExtraordinary things unfold in Stirring the Dust. A corpse left unburied for fear of infection; a paranormal great-great aunt; bigamous and incestuous marriages; a runaway wife and her gypsy rover. Dramatic episodes in the past are linked with the present. A sense of something missing in events now has its echo in the rich cast of characters standing behind down the generations. Mary McCabe should know the cast in this drama. They are the author’s own family. Her mother’s side (the Gardens) were artisans from Banffshire. Her father’s lineage (the Morrows) came to the Central Belt of Scotland from Argyll at the time of Highland Clearances and worked in ironstone mining for three generations until the early twentieth century.

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