Great Book Launch of Alex Gordon's latest Book

Great Book Launch of Alex Gordon’s latest Book

                  We would like to thank everyone who attended the unforgettable book launch of Alex Gordon’s “Billy McNeill – In Praise of Caesar“ last night! The lounge at the Iron Horse Bar was filled with laughter, interesting stories and enthusiastic football fans. After a short introduction by …

Good Reads for Football Fans

Good Reads for Football Fans

One of the most passionately discussed themes in Scotland is probably Football, and for a lot of Scots it is clear that football isn’t just a sport. Not only is it a rich cultural heritage of the country, football often plays a role in questions of religion, politics and a large variety of themes in …

Celtic manager congratulates author Alex Gordon

Celtic manager congratulates author Alex Gordon

Hello everyone! This week we had some pretty exciting press. The one and only Celtic Manager, Brendan Rogers congratulated our very own Alex Gordon on his fictional work. Rogers, a fan of Gordon’s work, picked up three of the novels for a bargain price. Click here  to get your hands on a copy yourself! We …

Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

We are excited to announce Ringwood’s next event for 2016. Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction will be an enjoyable evening of rational discussion and friendly argument, where we’ll sink our collective teeth into all aspects of Scottish football, and its complex relationship with Scottish culture and society. Initial short talks by three Ringwood authors (Alex Gordon, …

A Man’s Game by Alan Ness

9781901514278On a Saturday afternoon in central Scotland, both Davie Thomson and Stuart Robertson have scored goals for their respective football clubs: Cowden United FC and Glasgow Athletic. Once team-mates in the Athletic title-winning side of 2001, their subsequent fortunes could not have been more different. While Robertson had gone from strength to strength, winning titles and the love of the Scottish public, Thomson had slipped out of the team and down the leagues with an alcohol and a weight problem contributing to his fall.

While scanning the results, James Donnelly, reporter for the Daily Standard, connected the two and remembered the tragic events which would forever link them and their teammates from that ill-fated side. Setting out to write an article on the murder of a man, Donnelly finds himself uncovering the story of the mistreatment of a woman.

A Man’s Game is a contemporary crime novel which brilliantly explores issues of violence,  addiction, and misogyny, both in “the beautiful game”  and in wider Scottish society.


Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu by Alex Gordon

COVER jinx (2)Alex Gordon, after almost half-a-century in the Scottish newspaper industry as a sports editor, spills the beans in a frank and candid manner.

Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu is a rollicking, often hilarious, trip through the crazy world of Scottish newspapers. It’s a journey that takes the reader behind the headlines of the biggest, most sensational stories of our national press. It also introduces the fascinating of madcap characters whose job was to bring you your daily news. Prepare to be bewildered by their antics as they chase front and back page exclusives. You’ll be amazed and amused by the tales that did NOT make it into print. Until now!

Other stories here throw an entirely new light on what actually happened around many of Scotland’s most famous sports stars; stories that will cause quite a few reputations to be reassessed.

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