Young’s Interesting Books

Young’s Interesting Books

After my week looking for people out and about reading books, I realised I’d missed something important: assuming people are reading, where do people go to buy these books if not online?  Apart from Waterstones, the list of booksellers on the high street is not exhaustive. Now, this is not a rant against the all-conquering Waterstones. I actually like Waterstones. It is packed floor to ceiling with brand new, fresh-smelling books, after all. But that is also …

A Bookworm’s Guide to Scotland: Spot of the Week

A Bookworm’s Guide to Scotland: Spot of the Week

One of the many terrific things about books is that you can read them virtually anywhere: under the sheets, in the bath, while flying, on a rollercoaster—well, maybe not that last one, especially if it goes upside down. A good read is a must, however, when you’re out exploring and you find a treasure of a spot to …

Exploring Scotland’s Munros

Exploring Scotland’s Munros

Is there any better way to experience nature than looking at the beautiful view from the summit of a mountain?A Munro is a Scottish mountain higher than 914 meters (3000 feet), named after the mountaineer Sir Hugh Munro who catalogued them all in 1891. Sir Hugh Munro died 100 years ago, so in a BBC …

My Week Trying to Find People Reading Books... (2/2)

My Week Trying to Find People Reading Books… (2/2)

On the third day I decided I needed to leave the house and at least communicate with other human beings, so I went down to a local café to write. It was packed, but no one was reading. The most I saw was a group of people in Star Wars t-shirts hunched over a board game; and behind them a group …

My Week Trying to Find People Reading Books... (1/2)

My Week Trying to Find People Reading Books… (1/2)

You hardly ever see anyone reading anymore, which is a bit of shame when working for a publisher for whom so much time and energy goes into creating lovingly crafted books. So in a spirit of enquiry I decided to spend a week literally logging in a notebook the number of people I saw out and about reading actual books.  …

Happy St Patrick's Day 2019!

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2019!

March 17th is right around the corner, and all of us at Ringwood wish you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day. The city of Glasgow has had a long and colourful relationship with Ireland over the centuries, and so as a proudly Glaswegian publisher, with some truly fantastic Scottish-Irish authors, we wanted to brush up on our history …

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