Today marked the last day of work for Managing Director, Ida, and Social Media Manager, Meike, who will be returning to Denmark and Germany, respectively. They have been a great contribution to Ringwood, and we wish them all the best. At the same time, we are pleased to say that the position of Managing Director …

Meet the Staff: Lara

How did you come to work at Ringwood? I have been interested in exploring publishing as a career for a long time, so towards the end of my undergraduate degree at the University of Glasgow I was on the lookout for an internship at an independent publisher in Glasgow. I got in touch with Ringwood, …

Meet the Staff: Meike

How did you come to work at Ringwood? I wanted to find out if the publishing world could be a place for me and I thought living in a foreign country would be a good preparation for life, so I decided to spend a part of my gap year with Ringwood in Scotland. What do …

Meet the Staff: Katie

Today you will get to know another part of Ringwood: Katie Brown, one of our talented Submissions Managers.  How did you come to work at Ringwood? I came to work at Ringwood when I was looking for a short placement as part of my Publishing degree and stayed on because the experience I was getting …

Punctuation Day!

Punctuation Day!

Fun fact: today is Punctuation Day! The perfect day to value the work of proofreaders who hunt down every mistaken comma and every missing full stop to give the Ringwood books the final polish. Read about the experiences Ida, our Managing Director, has encountered as a proofreader: What is the most common mistake? Well, in …

Meet the Staff: Ida

A lot of invisible hands go into producing and launching Ringwood’s quality books. We have asked all of them to write a few notes on their experience with Ringwood, so keep an eye on this website to get to know them all a little better! Today’s post is about our Managing Director, Ida Birch Kofoed: …

New staff at Ringwood!

New staff at Ringwood!

Ringwood is delighted to welcome two new staff to our team! Ida Birch Kofoed, a Danish MA student, takes on the role as Assistant Managing Director, while Meike Starke, a German high school graduate, gathers experience as Social Media Manager. Both started their internships on Wednesday the 1st of August, and will stay with Ringwood …

Board Members Wanted!

Ringwood Publishing is a small publishing company which is looking to recruit additional board members with an interest in new Scottish writing and especially in giving young people publishing experience. The Board usually meets 4 times a year. If you are interested please send a CV to us by October 30 to mail@ringwoodpublishing.com

Ringwood at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Proud author and AMD Harley Griffiths cradle Gerry's new book
Proud author and AMD Harley Griffiths cradle Gerry’s new book

Gerry Graham, author of the controversial new Ringwood novel Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia, signs copies of his book at the Edinburgh International Book Festival assisted by Assistant Managing Director Harley Griffiths. Ringwood has six other titles on display at the Festival.

Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthansia is being officially launched on Tuesday 22nd August at 7pm in the Iron Horse (upstairs Lounge) West Nile St,  Glasgow. Admission free. All welcome. Come and hear for yourself as Gerry describes the background to and significance of his book

An Exceptional Opportunity

Ringwood Publishing is offering the opportunity to gain comprehensive management experience in publishing, as the gateway to obtaining a permanent full-time career in the industry. The successful applicant/s will be given responsibility across the whole range of publishing activity covering  overviewing new manuscript selection; editing; proof-reading; copy editing; project management; distributing, launching, promoting and marketing …

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