Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia

2017-03-07 final cover french styleRingwood is proud to present its new upcoming novel Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia by Gerard Graham.

Set in a near, quixotic future, the novel takes the reader through life’s ups, downs and (literal) blasts. It inspects the controversial matter of assisted dying from all sides and illuminates its sombreness.

Newly-converted Rab Lennon takes his Scottish underlings of the Catholic United Network for the Transgression of Sins on a journey from deep-fried Glasgow to alien Villadedino – the only country worldwide where euthanasia is legal. There, we encounter a variety of characters and a voyage of discovery of the human’s versatility and volatility begins.

Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia is deeply satirical and not for the faint-hearted. But see for yourself and order now!

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