It is commonly known that the present builds its foundations upon the past. In our world, shaken by constant change and increasing disconnection, the sagacity that history offers is needed more than ever – if only to stop us repeating old mistakes.

In Raise Dragon, L.A. Kristiansen tells the story of the Wars of Scottish Independence. This is the story of four Scottish knights who trade in their temporary safety to chase a fabled treasure. In their quest, they will suffer ambush and betrayal at every turn by agents of the English, French, and Byzantine Empire; but every trap will be overcome in the name of that cherished reward: the independence of the Scottish Kingdom.

History has already written the epilogue on these famous characters, but Raise Dragon makes them live again; in their humanity, their ambitions, their politics, their dreams of conquest, and ultimately, their dreams of freedom, they are every bit as alive on the page as they were in their own minds.

Don’t miss the possibility to rediscover the present, unleash the past, and be accompanied into a thrilling world of clashing shields, deafening silences of betrayal, and the fierce impetus of Rebellion.

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Article written by Bianca Procacci.