Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018

The International Book Festival 2018 in Edinburgh takes place from the 11th of August till the 27th, and Ringwood, as usual, is part of it! With hand written recommendations and leaflets to introduce our featured books, it is well worth a visit!

As in previous years, a handful of Ringwood books are featured and presented on the Festival to show the diverse range of literature Ringwood offers:

  • Who Stole Sitting Bull? – Alex Gordon

The story told in this novel is set on the Isle of Cumbrae. The ‘Sitting Bull’ character is a Scottish boxer who keeps getting knocked over Somewhere along the line – and this can only happen in fiction – he gets a shot at a world title and goes to Crete to acclimatise and prepare for the fight at Madison Square Garden in New York. He is mistakenly kidnapped on the Greek island and that’s when the fun and games begin.

  • The Gori’s Daughter – Shazia Hobbs

The novel tells the fictional story of Aisha, a young mixed race girl, daughter of a Kashmiri father and a Glaswegian mother. Aisha’s mother moved into the household as mistress alongside the Muslim wife and the children from both relationships. Aisha’s life is a constant struggle against the rejection and hostility that her background generates in both Glasgow’s white and Asian communities.

  • Two Closes and a Referendum – Mary McCabe

This novel an engaging tale of ordinary people in an extraordinary time. This novel brilliantly captures the growing excitement and fervour of the 2014 Independence Referendum that changed Scotland for ever, as ordinary citizens  explored their identity and wrestled with the  hopes and fears that surrounded the choice they were asked to make.

  • Memoirs of Franz Schreiber – Charles P. Sharkey

This novel gives a unique perspective on the trials and turmoil of life in Germany during the First World War, its aftermath and the lead up to the Second World War. When Franz Schreiber and his mother get the news that his beloved father would not be returning to their home in Berlin from the battle fields of the First World War, their lives changed in unimaginable ways. Following Franz as he grows into a man, the effects of war are endless, and the story of his life is littered with love, tragedy and danger.

  • Stirring the Dust – Mary McCabe

A corpse left unburied for fear of infection; a paranormal great-great aunt; bigamous and incestuous marriages; a runaway wife and her gypsy rover. Dramatic episodes in the past are linked with the present. In this novel, Mary McCabe documents the strange history of her Scottish family.

So upgrade your Edinburgh International Book Festival experience, and get one of our books at the main bookshop in Charlotte Square! You’ll recognise us by our amazing new logo.

And if you cannot make it to the Festival, do not worry – you can get your copy right here on the website!


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