As May 2023 has come to a close, the eighth and final winner of the First of May Prize draw has been selected. Preferring to remain anonymous, the final winner let us know that her husband, who she had ordered the book for, will be thrilled when he finds out they have won.

What follows is her responses to a short interview with a Ringwood intern:

‘While I use an e-reader these days, my husband still prefers physical books, so I always look out for ones he would like. My husband’s really into his music so he’ll love to get this extra CD we’ve won.

I’m not sure now how I found out about The First of May now, I think it may have been an online article, but before this we did know Brendan, enough to say hello to, at least. We used to drink in the Scotia all the time so we would always see him there. We had a good few friends there actually. It was a really nice place to spend time in.’

She continued:

‘More than anything, though, I knew my husband would be interested in the subject matter of the book. We were involved a little bit in the Scotia’s political activities, on the periphery. I know my husband will be absorbed reading Brendan’s own take’s on our similar, long held political beliefs.’

And with that, the First of May Prize Draw is officially over. Ringwood would like to thank everyone who has bought the book so far, spread the word and kept the memory of Brendan burning on. We would also like to thank each and every one of this draw’s winners who were each enthusiastic, friendly and helpful when being interviewed by our own Ringwood interns.

Post-launch, the price of the book is now £12.99. We hope anyone yet to take the plunge will now be encouraged to buy The First of May and experience Brendan McLaughlin’s unforgettable memoir for the first time themselves.

Every order made now will still receive a free CD of The First of May with 15 songs written and performed by Brendan to be a soundtrack for the book. So don’t delay, order now and get your free CD by clicking HERE.