Exciting SYP Event!

Exciting SYP Event!

Hello all!

We’re back once again, and this time we’re talking you, yes you, future publishers!

If you haven’t already signed up to The Society of Young Publishers then go and do it right now, like this second. Open a new tab, and sign up. It’s such a helpful sight for us to find work experience, learn about almost EVERY publishing house possible, and get some trusted tips for moving forward.

ANYWAY, back to my point…and here it is:

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The Society of Young Publishers are once again, putting on a stellar event for all you future publishers!  It’s a chance for to learn from the best, and receive the best tips from people who have been through the whole process. It’s also a great opportunity to meet like minded young people like yourself.

You can network, have fun and make some great contacts for the future, always something great to have in your back pocket. The best part ? You can get tickets right now!! And…it’s on the 9th of March so you don’t have to wait long at all.

Follow this link to sign up, and grab yourself a ticket to an event that is sure to benefit your future: https://thesyp.org.uk/

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