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  • Who Jinxed Jesse James? by Alex Gordon

    Jesse James – real name, Frank – shoots straight from the lip: the controversial gossip columnist makes a living sullying the reputations of the elite and, like his Wild West counterpart, is no stranger to infamy. But there’s something different, something sinister, about this latest series of letters in his mailbox. ‘Stay away from CC,’ […]

  • Inference by Stephanie McDonaldBook Cover Inference

    “I’m dreaming. I must be. I had a few drinks too many last night, and I’m having a funky dream…I pinch myself on the arm to try and speed the process along, but nothing happens. Without thinking too much about it I aim a punch at the wall, and the resulting pain that reverberates through […]

  • Not the Life Imagined by Anne Pettigrew

    A darkly humorous, thought-provoking story of Scottish medical students in the sixties, a time of changing social and sexual mores. None of the teenagers starting at Glasgow University in 1967 live the life they imagine. Beth Slater is shocked at how few female medical students there are and that some people, such as Conor Towmey, […]

  • Where the Bridge Lies by Frank Woods

    “The Clyde wasn’t just just a stream of water. It was an entity, a being that threaded through the lives of the people who lived here, sometimes giving, sometimes taking away.” 1941. The Clydebank Blitz robs Nessa Glover of her husband and five children. Struggling with her new reality she becomes a shipyard welder, and […]

  • Memoirs of Franz Schreiber, by Charles P. Sharkey

    The Memoirs of Franz Schreiber gives a unique perspective on the trials and turmoil of life in Germany during the First World War, its aftermath and the lead up to the Second World War. When Franz Schreiber and his mother get the news that his beloved father would not be returning to their home in […]

  • Who Stole Sitting Bull? by Alex Gordon

    ‘Who Stole Sitting Bull?’ is set on the Isle of Cumbrae. The ‘Sitting Bull’ character is a Scottish boxer who keeps getting knocked over, hence the nickname. Somewhere along the line – and this can only happen in fiction – he gets a shot at a world title and goes to Crete to acclimatise and […]

  • Everwinding Times by Mary McCabe

    Ailee Lorimer suffers strange afflictions. Her memory loss, her sense of dislocation, her feyness – all lead her to seek medical help. Yet she appears to cut to the core of all life before her, now and in the future. In this gripping, intriguing and funny novel, Mary McCabe winds the plot of individual lives […]

  • Stirring the Dust, by Mary McCabe

    Extraordinary things unfold in Stirring the Dust. A corpse left unburied for fear of infection; a paranormal great-great aunt; bigamous and incestuous marriages; a runaway wife and her gypsy rover. Dramatic episodes in the past are linked with the present. A sense of something missing in events now has its echo in the rich cast […]

  • Two Closes and a Referendum by Mary McCabe

    Two Closes and a Referendum is an engaging tale of ordinary people in an extraordinary time. This novel brilliantly captures the growing excitement and fervour of the 2014 Independence Referendum that changed Scotland for ever, as ordinary citizens  explored their identity and wrestled with the  hopes and fears that surrounded the choice they were asked […]

  • Checking Out Of The Hotel Euthanasia by Gerard Graham

    Assisted dying is one of the key ethical and political issues of our day. Checking out of the Hotel Euthanasia is  a novel that tackles the dilemmas head-on with a rare mixture of scabrous enthusiasm and due respect. The book is guaranteed to offend many;  to help many come to a considered view of the […]