Fiction: Forthcoming Titles

Fiction: Forthcoming Titles
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  • Inference by Stephanie McDonaldBook Cover Inference

    “I’m dreaming. I must be. I had a few drinks too many last night, and I’m having a funky dream…I pinch myself on the arm to try and speed the process along, but nothing happens. Without thinking too much about it I aim a punch at the wall, and the resulting pain that reverberates through …

  • A Subtle Sadness by Sandy Jamieson

    Launch due in May 2019. A Subtle Sadness is an examination of 100 years of Scottish political (and social and cultural) history as seen through its effects on the Protestant Hunter and Catholic Coyle families, from the 1890s to 1990, culminating in the activities of Frank Hunter. He has considerable talents both political and football  but …

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