Ringwood is excited to announce that the final winner of our prize draw for The First of May, Brendan McLaughlin’s newly published book, has been selected. The lucky person who will receive the last limited CD of the spectacular Kingston Bridge Trio is Angela Myles.

When asked by a Ringwood staff member if she had any connection to Brendan McLaughlin or his
pubs, Angela said:
‘Brendan’s sister Moira is actually a good friend of mine. I’m an English teacher and so is she so
that’s how we got to know one another. I really love to read but I’m especially excited about this
book since she’s told me so much about it.’

Asked about any other reasons she had for buying the book, she had this to say:
‘What mattered to me most when ordering The First of May was showing my support for Moira and
her family. I haven’t listened to Brendan’s music before, so this prize is great, but more than that,
after Brendan’s passing I want to be there for my friend in any way I can.’

She continued: ‘Moira doesn’t know that I’ve bought the book yet, I haven’t told her. My hope is
that once I’ve read it we can speak about it together.’

While The First of May prize draw is now closed, every order made now will still receive a free CD of
The First of May with 15 songs written and performed by Brendan to be a soundtrack for the book.
With the launch date fast approaching, Ringwood Publishing invites everyone once more to join us
next Monday, 1 May, at the Clutha Vaults at 6:30 to celebrate the launch of this Glaswegian’s book,
The First of May. There will be music, drinks, and good conversation. We look forward to seeing you