Fiona Gillan Kerr was born to Scottish parents outside Cambridge where her father was stationed with the RAF and was educated in Sri Lanka, at Berkhamsted School, and Durham University. She has been a teacher and an investment analyst; sold magazine advertising and package holidays; worked in a large international airline in reservations, PR and commercial training, creating interpersonal skills training courses across the globe; and worked as a fund-raiser for schools and a modern classical music foundation.

Now, with her husband, she divides her time between the States where their four sons live, and her Scottish home in the Highlands – a restored crofter’s cottage in a small village by the sea. Since childhood, she has dabbled in writing short stories and poetry. And when her last two sons left for college, she decided to start writing a novel. This is her fourth completed novel, and her publishing debut.

The Bone on the Beach is inspired by the beauty and mystery of the Highlands, where history dictated that homes would be burned and villages abandoned for centuries, legends continue to haunt, and the past is remembered by each succeeding generation. Fiona has already started working on her next novel, also set in the Highlands.

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