Seven Stunning Shelfies!

Hey everyone!

Any book lover craves the perfect library, whether it’s public, or maybe having one in own house one day. You’d be lying to yourself, if you said that you weren’t the tiniest bit jealous of Belle in Beauty and The Beast. Especially the live action version, it’s pretty much what dreams are made of. Anyway, If you follow us on instagram (which you definitely should: @ringwoodpublishing) then you’ll know we’ve come to adore our weekly #shelfiesunday. So we thought we’d share a couple of our favourites from around the world, they’re are pretty close to Disney magic:

  1. Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris.
    If you want to unleash your inner Belle, what better place to do it than Paris.  The architecture is just stunning.
    Nationale De France
  2. Strahov Library, Prague.
    It just gets better. This place actually makes me want to study for my exams. Just look at it!
  3. Biblioteca Angelica, Rome
    Besides being incredibly beautiful, this place holds 180,000 volumes of manuscripts… you will never, ever get bored.
  4. Trinity College Library, Ireland.
    A little bit closer to home this time, but no less beautiful. It’s amazing to think that these incredible places are right at your doorsteps.
  5. Stift Admont Bibliothek, Austria
    This is the largest monastery library in the world, filled with incredible art, literature, architecture and so much more. I’m not sure I could ever leave.
  6. Abbey Library of Saint Gall, Switzerland
    It’s not all about the looks, while it is stunning this libraries collection of illuminated manuscripts and writings, as well as a leading center for science and Western culture around the 10th century.
  7. Bodleian Libraries, Oxford.
    And last but certainly not least, we’re even closer to home. One of the oldest libraries in Europe, it has one of the most celebrated collections of manuscripts and books.
    gallery-0021We hope you enjoyed this little insight into our favourite libraries, please do let us know if you’ve had the pleasure of visiting any of them…and if Belle was there singing.

    Happy Reading!

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