Scottish football is one of Ringwood’s key themes!

Some Ringwood books are primarily about football, such as Celtic Submari, Yellow Submarine and The Great Escape?

Others like Scotball and Paradise Road show relationship in Scotland between football and the other key Ringwood themes of politics, religion, money, sex and crime.

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  • A Man’s Game by Alan Ness

    On a Saturday afternoon in central Scotland, both Davie Thomson and Stuart Robertson have scored goals for their respective football clubs: Cowden United FC and Glasgow Athletic. Once team-mates in the Athletic title-winning side of 2001, their subsequent fortunes could not have been more different. While Robertson had gone from strength to strength, winning titles …

  • Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu by Alex Gordon

    Alex Gordon, after almost half-a-century in the Scottish newspaper industry as a sports editor, spills the beans in a frank and candid manner. Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu is a rollicking, often hilarious, trip through the crazy world of Scottish newspapers. It’s a journey that takes the reader behind the headlines of the biggest, most …

  • Celtic Submari & Yellow Submarine

    Order both football books, Celtic Submari and Yellow Submarine together for the special price of £3.50! Celtic supporters everywhere can take pride in the story of how their example of camaraderie and good behaviour in 2004 inspired the formation of the Villarreal Celtic Submari. The Submari has proved to be an extraordinary example of the …

  • Celtic Submari, by Sandy Jamieson

    Celtic Submari will appeal to all those interested in the power of goodness, decency, integrity and friendship to make a positive difference in a complex world through football. Rivals for 90 minutes, Friends for Always The book explains how an invasion of Vila-real by 10,000 Celtic supporters in 2004 created a set of circumstances that …

  • Yellow Submarine, by Sandy Jamieson

    Yellow Submarine is essential reading for all football fans who believe that integrity, and community can and should matter even at the highest levels in modern football. It is exceptional value, offering two stories in one volume. Book 1: The Miracle of Villarreal CF The explanation of how a wee club from a small town …

  • The Great Escape? by Sandy Jamieson

    The Great Escape? is that rarity, an intelligent readable novel about football and families. It is the story of Derek Duncan, a Celtic supporter from birth, who became a Scottish international football player, and his attempt to make himself an immortal football manager. He intends to do with a struggling provincial English club Griston City, …

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