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Ringwood Publishing is delighted to have published the GFT interactive e-book For All now available for download here.

‘Cinema For All’ was created as a motto for Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) in the late 1980s. Not just as a catchy phrase, but a philosophy, to be applied with a respect for diversity and a constant search for equality.

In 2013 GFT began to revisit this promise and asked what it means for their organisation and the people of Glasgow. GFT asked ‘How might what we do contribute to a fairer, more inclusive society?’ and ‘How can GFT be more accessible?’.

To help answer these questions, GFT decided to have a For All campaign, enlisting the help of artists, writers and their own audiences. GFT commissioned ten prominent writers – Matthew Fitt, Janice Galloway, Alison Irvine, Bernard MacLaverty, Cathy MacPhail, Ewan Morrison, Nalini Paul, Tawona Sithole, Eleanor Thom and Robin Yassin-Kassab – to produce new work inspired by what the notion of For All meant to them.

In July and August 2013, these ten new pieces of writing appeared weekly online, alongside blog posts written by members of GFT staff responding to the texts. Short animations inspired by the texts were created by David Galletly, with music by Jonnie Common and The Pictish Trail. The public was invited to respond to a number of questions relevant to the themes of For All which GFT hoped the campaign might address as it developed. Audience responses included comments on social media (#filmforall), ‘post-it’ notes pinned up in the foyer, personal emails, essays and poems.

The 2013 For All campaign attempted to spell out the ‘Cinema For All’ philosophy and demonstrate its relevance to as wide an audience as possible. The campaign was remarkably successful in identifying some of the key questions that lie behind the proper implementation of For All, and in helping people to begin to work out answers relevant to them. The For All campaign produced a great deal of valuable outcomes. GFT was keen to share these with a much wider audience, so Ringwood Publishing were asked to help by collating the commissioned pieces of writing, animations and responses into an e-book that could be made available for free. The production of this For All e-book and its availability free of charge is an attempt to get an appreciation of that ‘Cinema For All’ philosophy, and the questions and answers it generates, to a far wider worldwide audience.

GFT hope this e-book will draw many more people into thoughtful consideration of what cinema means to them and how they can contribute to helping cinema make the world a better, safer, more inclusive, more equal place.


The e-book is now available for download FREE from this website and from the GFT website.

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Advice on Downloading

For All is an interactive e-book, which is available to download free in two interactive formats – as an epub file(V.03) or as a interactive PDF file. A mobi file (for the Kindle) is also available (with hyperlinks but no video clips) as well as a non-interactive pdf file.

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If you will be reading the ebook on an Apple platform, (AppleMac computer or laptop, iPad or iPhone) then download the epub file and open it with the iBooks App (available free from the Apps Store if not already installed).

These Apple platforms can also read the interactive PDF file but require a suitable interactive PDF reader to be installed.

All other platforms

Windows computers and laptops, non-Apple tablets and android mobile phones can read the interactive PDF file, subject to the latest versions of Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash being installed (both free).

These platforms can also read the epub version, subject to a suitable e-book Reader such as Adobe Digital Editions (free) being downloaded first.

For Kindles, download the mobi file or use an epub reader app such as eLibrary manager (free) to read the epub file. Both have active hyperlinks but only the epub file contains the video animations because Amazon’s proprietary mobi format does not currently support video media playback.

Text Only version

For those with platforms unable to play interactive e-books, the non-interactive PDF file (or in the case of original Kindle text readers, the Mobi file) is recommended.