We have now announced our four special offers that coincide with our Blooming Ringwood festival.

Liberation and Clutching at Straws for £15

Not The Deaths Imagined and Not The life Imagined for £15

Murder At The Mela and Clutching at Straws for £15

Ruxton The First Modern Murder, Cuddies Strip and The Ten Percent for £22.50

You can find them in our Special Offers page HERE.

Take advantage of these special offers now to prepare for our upcoming Blooming Ringwood events, particular our discussion surrounding Glasgow crime writing on the 25th May! Attendance is free and will be held via Zoom and will be live on our Ringwood Facebook page. Register for a ticket by clicking HERE.

ALSO, there are only five more days to enter our prize draw! Register for any of our Blooming Ringwood events and be in with the chance to win a free Ringwood book associated with the Blooming Ringwood Festival.