Until next year!

Until next year!

Two weeks of talking, listening, watching, learning and lots and lots of books! The Edinburgh International Book Festival was as always a phenomenal celebration of books and showed the big impact of books on society and culture, moral and ethics, economy and environment – in short: every section of life.

After days of organising and building in Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the Book Festival welcomed a huge crowd of visitors on Saturday, 11th of August, which kept up in the following weeks. The Ringwood bookshelf drew attention to itself with handwritten recommendations and leaflets of the featured books with our new logo on!

Three Ringwood authors, Shazia Hobbs (The Gori’s Daughter), Mary McCabe (Two Closes and A Referendum, Stirring The Dust) and Charles P. Sharkey (Memoirs of Franz Schreiber), came by the shelf during the festival for a chat and a photo with their books. In the upcoming weeks, these interviews will be uploaded here on the Ringwood website, so that you can get to know our brilliant authors a little better!

All in all the Edinburgh International Book Festival was a huge success, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be part of it once again. We can’t wait for next year!

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