Ringwood is proud to announce that The Lanarkshire Police Chronicles by George Barnsley is now available for prepublication order.

The Lanarkshire Police Chronicles is a fascinating collection of true stories involving crimes committed in and around Lanarkshire across the past 150 years of Lanarkshire Police service to the community; from the thrilling to the mundane, from the minor to the murderous, but always absorbing. 

The author George Barnsley was a very experienced and well-thought-of senior Police Officer in Lanarkshire. Thanks to his tireless work with the Lanarkshire Police Historical Society, he has extensively researched police reports from the last 150 years and has drawn on them to produce a unique record of police service to the community, presented with his own insightful commentary. This book will be of enormous interest to true crime lovers and to everyone interested in social history. 

The Lanarkshire Police Chronicles is being launched in November 2022 at a still-to-be-confirmed Lanarkshire venue. Keep an eye on the website for fuller details as they are confirmed.

As from today, the book can be ordered from the Forthcoming Titles Page of our website.

Order now by clicking HERE to guarantee yourself a signed First Edition copy delivered to you before the Launch!