Have you ever judged a book by its cover and wondered why? How much does the cover of a book impact why, who to, and how much it sells? What cover styles appeal to different people and which ones do you like the most? If you’ve ever been interested in the process of creating a book cover and all things graphic design, join Ringwood Publishing on the 19th of May at 2pm in Hillhead Library for an afternoon full of workshops from the mind of Ringwood’s in-house graphic designer, Skye Galloway!

The event will consist of a series of workshops to build your knowledge on how to design effective covers, some fun contests to test your familiarity with Ringwood’s covers, and even a secret prize! We hope to see you there! Attendees can feel free to bring their own devices and materials, and we will provide pen and paper. Skye has created some wonderful covers for Ringwood such as The Hotel Hokusai, The Time Between Space and The Bone on the Beach. You can see more of her incredible personal work here.

Everything from colours, font, layout, illustrations or lack thereof will influence whether or not you’re interested in even picking a book up to read the blurb. With just eight days to go until our event, we need your help choosing Ringwood’s top five book covers! To submit your vote, rank your top five covers from the top ten below, and email your ranking to mail@ringwoodpublishing.com – with number one being your ultimate favourite and so on until number five:

Revenge of the Tyrants by L. A. Kristiansen
Millennial Munros: A Postman’s Round by Charlie Campbell
Moot by Rob McInroy
The Time Between Space by Charlie Laidlaw
The Bone on the Beach by Fiona Gillan Kerr
The Lanarkshire Police Chronicles by George Barnsley
The Activist by Alec Connon
Bodysnatcher by Carol Margaret Davison
The Carnelian Tree by Anne Pettigrew
The Hotel Hokusai by T. Y. Garner

We hope to see you at the Hillhead Library on the 19th of May for what promises to be a great afternoon!