by Fatma Oulha

Aspiration and determination usually fuel our life goals, but it certainly not an easy endeavour to reach them without fewer bumps in the road. For writers in particular, productivity is a constant necessity and this can put some presser on them and may lead to ambitious individuals’ infamous nemesis namely procrastination. There are various ways to avoid/overcome it and we have some tips to help you get started.

  • Plan For Your Day

 Each person has a particular planning system, and setting daily goals and timetables is one important step towards productivity. Working haphazardly can be confusing and would only lead to delaying tasks, as the Scottish proverb states, “what maybe done at any time will be done at no time”.

Having a clear idea on your day/project objectives is important to stir you away from any procrastination stance you might face. Add to that the internal satisfaction that comes after ticking tasks off your planner for the day.

  • Put Your Phone Aside

 Using the phone has become requisite in our lives and it certainly has its disadvantages. With so many online content, one can get easily distracted and surfing the web would be the ultimate escape mechanism when having other projects. If you want to get to writing, set a timer and put aside your phone. This will shift your focus to your outline and will provide enough motivation and less disruption to be productive.

  • Change Your Designated Writing Place

 There are moments when one would feel less inclined to work in a clattered space, or one that is continuously used. Organising your working space can clear your mind and freshen up your mood. If you are likely to defer from writing, try to change your setting and look for a space that would bring you the most calmness now. This could be a coffee shop, a different space in the house, on a table at the park …etc. Writing requires creativity and it can be as much about the content as about the space you work in.

  • Join A Writing Group

It can be isolating to write alone at times and there is no harm in a little support from the same community. There are plenty of writing groups, and with the added aspect of digital development, online groups are a click away. Surrounding yourself with productive people can provide a much-needed stimulus for you to grab that laptop/notebook and get to work. It might even add an enjoyable feature to you writing retreats.

 Overcoming procrastination is not easy but it is quite fulfilling. Facing issues is a part of the challenge if you want to reach the success you aspire for and one can only aim for that by doing their best.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.   

Maya Angelou