by Emma Joniken

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to read more in 2021? It can be hard to know where to start, so here are some tips on how to make a habit of reading a bit more!

  1. Choose shorter books

It’s much easier to commit to a novel that’s 200 pages long than one that has 900 pages. It’ll make it easier to pick the thing up instead of getting discouraged, and you’ll get a lot more of the satisfaction of finishing a book, keeping you motivated to start another.

  • Make a TBR-list

To make it easier for yourself to actually start reading a new book once you’ve finished another one, plan out which books you want to read! Make a list of titles you’re interested in, no need to put them in a specific order, and you always have one easily available without needing to wrack your brain to find your next read.

  • Read in short bursts

Short on time? You don’t need to put aside an entire hour to get some reading in, it’s perfectly fine to spend 10-20 minutes before bed with a book. This is also great if you find yourself getting easily bored or put off by the idea of reading for a long time. 15-minute bursts add up in the long run!

  • Try audiobooks

Audiobooks are the saviours of busy bookworms. Instead of spending your valuable time reading, you can listen to a book while you do other things; driving to work, exercising, cooking, etc. Maybe you’ll even find it easier to concentrate on and get into a book if you listen to rather than read it.

There you have it! Try these simple tips and you’ll find yourself devouring book after book. Happy reading!