The countdown is officially on!

There’s just one month to go until the launch of Song of the Stag by R. M. Brown on June 27th at 7pm at The Tinsmith in Dundee! 

If you love strong main characters, fantastical world building, and folklore that rings loud with calls for Scottish independence, then this is the book for you!

Pre-order Song of the Stag for just £9.99 (plus P&P) here to get your signed first edition copy one week before the official launch – one month and counting!

Did you know that Song of the Stag has official social media accounts? Their handle is @officialsongofthestag, and you can follow their accounts on Instagram and TikTok for regular updates on characters, genre and plot. You can follow Song of the Stag author, R. M. Brown, on Instagram and TiKTok too!

We’ll see you in a month to celebrate the launch of this fantastic novel!