By Eilidh Harrower

As we gear up for the Liberation launch, happening 13th October at 7pm, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our panel for the event:

A. M. Nicol, author of Liberation
(Other works: Manuel and The Monster Butler)

Donald Findlay QC, author of the preface for Liberation

Simon McLean, author of The Ten Percent

Tom Wood, author of Ruxton: The First Modern Murder

The event will feature readings from the book, a Q&A session with the author and fellow panel members, and a secondary panel discussing issues of Liberation and how they connect to our modern day society.

Liberation, by A.M. Nicol, discusses the murder of a single mother, in the year 1950 in Glasgow, by a serving police officer. In the modern day, with recent events mirroring that of this crime that happened 71 years previously, Ringwood has decided that it is important to highlight the issues raised with women’s safety, with regards to both the case detailed in Liberation and the tragic murder of Sarah Everard.
This panel discussion, chaired by Isobel Freeman, Ringwood Board member, will feature A. M. Nicol, the author of Liberation, alongside Tom Wood and Simon McLean, two Ringwood authors with extensive knowledge and experience of police services in Scotland. After a brief discussion, the panel will take questions from the audience on the topic, as it relates not only to the book but to society as a whole.

To catch the Liberation launch, you can register your interest in attending by emailing and receive the link to the Zoom event. We will also be posting the link to the event on our social media pages tomorrow, and the event will be streamed live on our Facebook page as well. Whether tuning into the event via Zoom or Facebook, all audience members are encouraged to join in with our Q&A sessions!

To order Liberation ahead of the launch, click the link here!