Louise Doherty A delighted winner

On being told by a Ringwood staff member that she had won the draw, Louise was very happy, delighted and proud.

In interview she was asked about what her connection was with Brendan McLaughlin and why she had ordered the book.

Her answers were that:

“Brendan had always been a close friend of my father Liam Doherty and all my life the two families had been in out of each other’s house all the time. Memories of Brendan are woven into the very fabric of my life. He was an incredibly kind, generous and creative man and he enriched not just my life but the whole world, in his lifetime and beyond.”

She added “I can’t wait to read his book. I ordered it as soon as it became available and I know it will be a wonderful reflection of a unique and outstanding man.”

She added “Thanks for the lovely news about the CD prize as well. As someone who knew Brendan’s music well, I am thrilled to know the prize I have won is a CD by the Kingston Bridge Trio (all eight of them) and that the CD contains two songs written by Brendan, poignantly called Lucky Ones and Nothing Lasts Forever. I will treasure it.”

The first draw made on Monday 3rd April by Siobhan Jarvie, Brendan McLaughlin’s daughter. The draw included everyone who has already made an order of the book.

Three more draws will be made, on Monday 10th April, Monday 17th April and Monday 24th April, and will consist of all the people who ordered a copy of the book in the preceding 7 days. Order 2 copies and you will be entered in the draw twice, and so on up to maximum of ten entries for an order of ten books (we have received a few orders that size already).

So get organised, bite the bullet and order your copy or copies right now to get the chance to join Louise on the winners list and get the same prize as her, a free CD of the legendary Kingston Bridge Trio whose CV includes regular performances in the Clutha Vaults and myriad international gigs, including performing to a crowd of 100,000 people at a Kurdish Peace Festival in Cologne, a story Brendan tells graphically in The First of May.

A photograph of every subsequent winner will appear on the website, as will a brief interview with them about why they ordered the book.

Remember for the next three weeks the Special Offer will continue to be available consisting of:   

A £3 reduction in the price of the book to £9.99 (plusP&P). From the Launch onward the standard price will be £12.99, still a bargain.

Every order made now will also receive a free CD of The First of May with 15 songs written and performed by Brendan to be a soundtrack for the book. So don’t delay, order now and get included in the second draw by clicking HERE

Louise Doherty 
A delighted winner