Ringwood is excited to announce that the next winner of The First of May Prize Draw is Chloe Clemmons. Receiving the second post-launch prize, Chloe has a more surprising story to tell than all those before her.

All because, she never originally intended to buy the book!

Relaying her unexpected experience to a Ringwood intern, Chloe explained:

‘I had actually ordered a completely different Ringwood book. The First of May was sent to me by mistake. I think there was some kind of mix up. When the wrong book came in the mail, I of course realised immediately and sent Ringwood an email to retrieve my original order. But at this point, I let them know that I would also pay for what I had received. Holding The First of May in my hands, I realised I wanted to keep a hold of it.’

When asked what attracted her to the book she said:

‘Well, it was the blurb more than anything. My family has a history of living in Glasgow and an association with Left wing politics, so the themes of the book felt really relevant to me.’

She continued: ‘Winning this prize was so unexpected, but I’m absolutely thrilled. I have no personal connection to Brendan at all, but despite that I’m really excited to get started on reading!’

This Ringwood Publishing prize draw will continue all throughout the month of May.

Two more draws will be made on the 21st and 28th of May, and will consist of all the people who ordered a copy of the book in the preceding 7 days. Order 2 copies and you will be entered in the draw twice, and so on up to maximum of 10 entries for an order of 10 books (we have received a few orders that size already).

 So, get organised, bite the bullet and order your copy or copies right now to get the chance to join Chloe on the winners list and get the same prize as her, a free CD of the legendary Kingston Bridge Trio whose CV includes regular performances in the Clutha Vaults and myriad international gigs, including performing to a crowd of 100,000 people at a Kurdish Peace Festival in Cologne, a story Brendan tells graphically in The First of May.

 A photograph of every subsequent winner will appear on the website, as will a brief interview with them about why they ordered the book.

The price of the book is now £12.99.  Every order made now will still receive a free CD of The First of May with 15 songs written and performed by Brendan to be a soundtrack for the book. So don’t delay, order now and get included in the seventh draw by clicking HERE.