Meet the Interns: Molly

It’s time for another ‘Meet the Interns’ post! This time you’ll be getting to know Molly, a creative writing student at the University of Stirling.

How did you come to work at Ringwood? 

I had been searching around for an internship that would compliment my CV, and provide me with the skills that I needed whilst also getting real hands on experience – rather than just fetching coffee! I came across Ringwood, got an interview and started pretty quickly.

What do you do at Ringwood?

At the moment, my main responsibilities lie in proofreading upcoming novels and helping to organise events that the company hosts. I’m looking forward to getting into some editorial roles in the future!

What’s your favourite Ringwood book? 

I’d have to say ‘Not the Life Imagined’, our recent release by Anne Pettigrew.

What sets Ringwood apart from other publishing houses?

As an independent Scottish company, it focuses on giving a voice to Scottish authors by specialising in Scottish literature. It’s great to see this artistic support.

What 3 things does a good book need?

For me it’s got to have an an engaging narrative voice, be told at a good pace and contain nice solid dialogue.

What’s your favourite spot in Glasgow?

Well, as someone originally from England living in Stirling I’ve not been around Glasgow often enough to pick a favourite! However, I’m sure there are plenty of cafes and as a caffeine lover I’d say anywhere that can provide me with a good coffee.

Have you ever considered writing a book yourself?

As I’m already 11 chapters deep into writing one, I’d say so, yes!

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