Meet the Staff: Ida

A lot of invisible hands go into producing and launching Ringwood’s quality books.
We have asked all of them to write a few notes on their experience with Ringwood,
so keep an eye on this website to get to know them all a little better!
Today’s post is about our Managing Director, Ida Birch Kofoed:

How did you come to work at Ringwood?
I’m on a fixed term full-time position with Ringwood as part of my Master’s degree in English.
I decided to pursue publishing in Scotland, and Ringwood was one of my first choices –
thankfully that worked out great!

What do you do at Ringwood?
I am Managing Director for Ringwood, which means that I do a lot of the organisational work;
managing our hardworking interns, doing publicity meetings for Ringwood, generally having
a foot in on all of Ringwood’s comings and goings. I’m also editor-in-chief for one of our
upcoming books, and assistant editing another. 

What is your favourite Ringwood book?
My favourite Ringwood book is actually a book that’s not released yet. In the end of October
/ early November we will publish Where the Bridge Lies, which is very well built, and I can’t
wait to see in print!

What sets Ringwood apart from other publishing houses?
Ringwood is a very down-to-earth independent Glaswegian publishing house. We may not
have huge ressources or fancy equipment, but we’re reliable and we only publish books that
we truly believe in. 

What’s your favourite spot in Glasgow?
Necropolis. It sounds a bit dodgy, but I think it’s the best view in town, especially looking at
the cathedral. And it’s very quiet and contemplative, which you sometimes need when living
in a city! I could do without the climb every time, though.

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