Meet the Staff: Katie

Today you will get to know another part of Ringwood: Katie Brown, one of our talented Submissions Managers.

 How did you come to work at Ringwood?

I came to work at Ringwood when I was looking for a short placement as part of my Publishing degree and stayed on because the experience I was getting was just so valuable. 

What do you do at Ringwood?

I’m the Submissions Manager which involves being a point of contact between authors and Ringwood, manning the submissions inbox and organising the editorial committee meeting. I’m also now responsible for editing one of Ringwood’s upcoming crime thrillers, Inference. 

What’s your favorite Ringwood book?

Memoirs of Franz Schreiber. I proofread this book shortly before it was published and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

What sets Ringwood apart from other publishing houses?

What I love about Ringwood is that everyone is so friendly and approachable, that was definitely the impression I got when I first got in touch to ask about an internship. Being a small independent publisher I believe at Ringwood we are able to offer a much more personal touch to everything we do than larger publishers. 

What three things does a good book need?

For me, a good book needs believable and well developed characters because if I don’t care about the characters I find it hard to care about the book. I also think the writer’s style and ‘voice’ are very important as it is what makes a book unique. Thirdly and I suppose this sounds like a bit of an obvious one but I’d say a good book needs a good plot, one that isn’t predictable and keeps me guessing what’s going to happen next. I love it when a book is so gripping that you can’t put it down. 

What’s your favorite spot in Glasgow?

I love the West End of Glasgow. I particularly like the bars on Ashton Lane. It’s nostalgic for me as it’s right beside where I went to University. 

Have you ever considered writing a book yourself?

Oh yes absolutely. To be a published author some day is probably my biggest goal in life. Creative writing is one of my biggest passions, something I’ve enjoyed since childhood.

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