Meet the Staff: Meike

How did you come to work at Ringwood?

I wanted to find out if the publishing world could be a place for me and I thought living in a foreign country would be a good preparation for life, so I decided to spend a part of my gap year with Ringwood in Scotland.

What do you do at Ringwood?

I am Social Media Manager, which means that everything you read and see on this blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram went through me. Furthermore I am assistant editing the forthcoming title called Inference and try to be wherever something is happening at Ringwood – mostly with my camera at the ready.

What’s your favorite Ringwood book?

That’s a hard question, but I would say Torn Edges attracted me the most. I was taking pictures with open books when suddenly a line captured my sight, a second later I found myself sitting down in a corner of Kelvingrove and reading.

What sets Ringwood apart from other publishing houses?

Ringwood is traditional and open for new influences at the same time.

What three things does a good book need?

A good author, a good editor and a good cover artist.

What’s your favorite spot in Glasgow?

Kelvingrove Park – that might be a common answer but it is a place you can always go to whatever your mood is and it changes during the seasons just like them.

Have you ever considered writing a book yourself?
If my life is interesting enough to write about it one day, I will write about it but meanwhile I want to help others to write exciting books.

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