Meet the Staff: Ros

Today you’ll get to know a bit more about another of our talented interns, Ros!


How did you come to work at Ringwood?


I was looking around for publishing opportunities in Glasgow when I found Ringwood online – it seemed like a fresh and vibrant company, so I asked them if they had any opportunities going to get involved. I was lucky enough to get an interview, and I started a week later.


What do you do at Ringwood?


I’m a Marketing Representative, so I help to promote the new releases and organise book launches. That largely involves getting in contact with newspapers and societies, but it also involves preparing graphic design for the events and managing author pages on social media. I also volunteer every now and then for reading and administrative tasks.


What’s your favourite Ringwood book?


We have the Glasgow book launch for Where the Bridge Lies in two days, which I’m very excited for! I think I would have to say that that’s my favourite at the moment, as it really draws you in with all its little threads, and you can’t help but keep reading to see how they all meet up and tie together.


What sets Ringwood apart from other publishing houses?


Their attitude to publishing local literature caught my eye, as I love when I can see novels celebrating and enriching the culture of the area that produces them. It makes the novels feel more organic, unlike books that just repeat the same messages and same stories that could really be from anywhere.


What 3 things does a good book need?


Number one: I love a well-contained story – a book with a solid premise, that develops into an ending which changes the way you read it the second time around. Number two: I need the characters to be interesting, consistent and relatable, and not just fall into two-dimensional plot devices (Angela Carter is brilliant for characterisation). Number three: I love when you get a flash of genuinely evocative imagery – George Orwell once described a horrible breakfast so well it still sticks in my head.


What’s your favourite spot in Glasgow?


It’s so tricky to choose! I’m tempted to say the Botanic Gardens. On the other hand, one of my friends absolutely loves the tall ship at the Riverside Museum, so we used to go for sunny walks around there a lot together. That edge of Finnieston has good memories tied up in it, so I guess I’ll go with there.


Have you ever considered writing a book yourself?


I reckon I’m more of an editor to be honest. Still, I’ve thought about it – I think pretty much everyone who does a degree in English Literature has at some point. When I was younger I used to print off receipt paper during slow shifts and practice writing – I found one of those receipts recently and was mortified. I can only hope I got rid of the others before anyone else got a chance to read them!

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