Modern Scottish Historical Fiction – celebrating Scottish history without Tartan and Kitsch

Traditionally Scottish Historical Fiction has focused on tartan, shortbread and kitsch, clans and kilts, Kings and Nobles with ordinary Scots relegated to minor roles.

More recently there has been a growth in modern Scottish Historical Fiction with ordinary Scots in starring roles.

Ringwood has published two books in 2021 by first time novelists that enhance this new tradition.

What You Call Free is set in 1687 and tells the story of how two brave, strong, but very different women fight for their freedom and liberty in a turbulent time of religious persecution. James Robertson, a key leader in  modern Scottish historical fiction, praised how the book “prises open a forgotten window to give a rare view onto the lives of women in one of the darkest periods in Scotland’s history.”

Raise Dragon is the first of a series of 8 Scottish historical novels covering the  Scottish wars of Independence in the 14th Century. It covers Scotland’s involvement in the Crusades, and how Robert the Bruce’s allies, especially Bishop Wishart, manoeuvred to place him on the Scottish throne as a prelude to Independence. Rob McInroy, another key practitioner, describes it as “an excellent addition to the modern strain of Scottish historical fiction- no tartan but great authenticity and excitement in a gripping tale well told.” 

Join Flora Johnston (What You Call Free) and Lynda Kristiansen (Raise Dragon) in conversation about writing Scottish historical fiction today. 

Hear a reading from both novels, with scenes from What You Call Free being read in the very location they are set, Edinburgh’s Grassmarket.

With its successful launch last month, an action-filled reading from Raise Dragon is sure to pique your interest. 

The event will include Q&A sessions, where you will have the chance to ask each author  about their book, and their writing processes.

Then the two authors will form a Panel, and give  their thoughts on modern Scottish historical fiction more generally, answer questions from the audience, and  then lead  a general discussion. 

The event is free with open entry on the door, but will also be broadcast live on Ringwood Facebook.

Event details:

Monday 15th November, 7pm in the Beehive Inn, the Grassmarket, Edinburgh