From the author of Cuddies Strip and Barossa Street comes a new web of intrigue for Bob Kelty to unravel.

July 1939, and 3,500 young men from around the world arrive at Monzie Castle in Perthshire for the third international Rover Scout Moot. In the shadow of looming war the Moot seems to be a last gasp of international friendship and fraternity.

But among them is a murderer.  

Bob Kelty discovers a dead body in a burnt-out tent on the edge of the camp. He is immediately suspicious but for some reason the authorities seem reluctant to become involved.

More strange things begin to happen and Bob’s suspicions increase. And if the authorities won’t look into them, Bob decides he must.

Moot is a novel of manipulation and trickery, murder and conspiracy. Unwittingly, Bob gets drawn deeper and deeper into events he does not understand and cannot control, events which reach to the highest areas of government.

And the question is: when is a murder not a murder?

Pre-order Moot by Rob McInroy here to get your copy for £9.99 (plus P&P), down from the regular price of £12.99! By pre-ordering, you’ll also receive your copy one week prior to the official launch.

Moot will be launched on 26th May at 4pm in Strathearn Arts in Crieff! Click here for more information on the launch and how to buy tickets.