New Releases!

2019 will bring many new and exciting opportunities into Scotland. Here at Ringwood, we will contribute something that excites all of us: books! So far we have three fresh and wonderful new novels to give to you to start your year off right: ‘Where the Bridge Lies’ by Frank Woods; ‘Not the Life Imagined’ by Anne Pettigrew and ‘Inference’ by Stephanie McDonald.

‘Inference’ tells the tale of a young woman’s fight against her own sanity when she wakes up miles from home in the remote Scottish Hebrides amidst themes of isolation, revenge and psychological torment. The reader will be absorbed in Natalie’s traumatic journey to discover her truth.

“The Clyde wasn’t just a stream of water. It was an entity, a being that threaded through the lives of the people who lived here, sometimes giving, sometimes taking away.” … ‘Where the Bridge Lies’ expresses the impact of the Clydebank Blitz vividly across two timelines to produce a beautifully thought-provoking read.

‘Not the Life Imagined’ follows a group of Scottish medical students in the 1960s as they navigate the complex, prejudiced world of the NHS – a world in which female is synonymous with inferior and ambition doesn’t always result in a happy ending. This darkly humorous story provides a compelling insight into the lives of Doctors who do not lead the lives they originally imagined.

Each is a uniquely electrifying read that will surely have you thirsty for more, and more is exactly what we intend to bring you! Watch this space for the release of fantastic new literature that will be developed throughout 2019 and made accessible right here on the Ringwood website.

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